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Hindustan Petroleum Company Limited, prominently known as HPCL, has been the power wellspring of everything from planes to assembling ventures and gas stoves in India. Hindustan Petroleum Company Limited began the advertising of LPG Gas under the brand HP Gas in 1979. Since the presentation of LPG in 1955, the utilization of Liquid Petroleum Gas has expanded complex. Likewise, today, LPG has turned into the absolute most famous fuel for family unit purposes. Since its presentation in 1979, HP Gas has now more than 33 million residential clients and takes into account the request of buyers with a wide system of more than 2630 wholesalers. On the off chance that you are a current HP Gas client searching for HP Gas booking process, read on.

How to Book HP Gas at www.hpcl.co.in?

       Customers can book a HP Gas refill utilizing IVRS or the online entrance.

       HP Gas refill booking is basic and should be possible from the solace of your home.

       Alternatively, clients can likewise visit their closest merchant to book a HP Gas refill.

Booking a LPG gas refill can be a significant monotonous undertaking and it would not be a misrepresentation to state that HP Gas has rearranged the procedure a great deal. Given underneath is the general procedure of booking a HP LPG gas barrel refill through different channels.

HP Anytime - every minute of every day IVRS

HP Anytime is an IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) that was propelled by HPCL for all HP Gas clients.

       Customers can utilize this every minute of every day HP Gas IVRS framework to book LPG gas.

       The primary preferred standpoint of this framework is a HP Gas client can call one single number from anyplace in the state to book a gas refill.

       Upon setting the demand for LPG refill, the client would in a flash get a booking number continuously from IVRS framework.

       This booking framework has additionally supplanted the act of manual booking.

       They ask for refills are put away in a focal server and are then sent to the particular HP Gas wholesalers.

       Also, clients can utilize the settled telephones gave at the Agencies to make a booking through IVRS.

       This framework likewise empowers clients to influence consistent HP to gas appointments and furthermore to get prompt affirmation without confronting the obstacles of manual mistakes, connected with phones and limited working hours.

What Is HP Gas Online Booking Number - IVRS/SMS

States/Areas       Phone Numbers

Delhi and NCR     99909 23456

Kerala       99610 23456

Maharashtra and Goa   88888 23456

Bihar 94707 23456

Assam       90850 23456

Tamil Nadu 90922 23456

Jammu and Kashmir    90860 23456

Himachal Pradesh        98820 23456

Andhra Pradesh   96660 23456

Rajasthan   78910 23456

Haryana     98129 23456

Karnataka  99640 23456

Jharkhand  89875 23456

Uttar Pradesh (W)       81919 23456

Odisha       90909 23456

Punjab       98556 23456

West Bengal       90888 23456

Gujarat      98244 23456

Puducherry 90922 23456

Uttar Pradesh     98896 23456

Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh  96690 23456

Auto Registration of Numbers on IVRS for HP Gas Booking

Clients can likewise enlist their versatile numbers and landline numbers as close to home contact number on IVRS to empower auto ID of client. The framework will perceive when the client with an enrolled contact number makes a call. Likewise, HP Anytime IVRS framework will send up to 3 cautions to clients with respect to the status of refill provided - messages in regards to HP gas booking number and date of every single pending request, money reminder and date and conveyance affirmation message will be sent to the clients.

HP Gas Login and HP Gas Booking Online

HP Gas clients can book for a refill internet utilizing the online entry. Take after the means offered underneath to put a demand a demand for HP Gas refill booking on the web.

       If you are HP client and have not enrolled at the online HP gas entryway, you should first enlist at the official gateway of HP Gas.

       To enroll, you should enter a couple of subtle elements like your client number, merchant name and wholesaler points of interest. You will likewise need to give insights about portable number, email and contact address.

       Registered clients can sign on to the HP Gas Online gateway utilizing the client ID and secret phrase. In the wake of signing in, you should choose the Book/Refill choice at the dashboard area of the page.

       Enter the subtle elements requested and tap the submit catch. The ask for your HP Gas Cylinder refill can be reserved on the web.

HP Gas Booking through Quick Book and Pay

       You can book your HP Gas refill chamber online by visiting https://myhpgas.in/myHPGas/QuickPay.aspx

       You can either utilize the "Fast Search" choice or the "Ordinary Search" choice to continue

       Under Quick Search, you will be requested the name of the wholesaler and your buyer number to continue

       Under Normal Search, you will be requested to enter your state, locale, HP Gas wholesaler's name, and your buyer number to continue

       You will be requested to enter the captcha code in the space gave before tapping on the "Continue" catch

       Once you login, you will be permitted book your refill

HP Gas Booking Through SMS

Clients can book for HP Gas refill utilizing the HP Anytime contact numbers which are given above. Be that as it may, not at all like the HP Anytime IVRS process, HP Gas booking utilizing SMS isn't accessible for all areas the nation over.

In the event that you book for HP Gas utilizing SMS, you will get a message with respect to booking number and date, age of money reminder and conveyance affirmation in your enlisted portable number which you can use for future reference.

HP Gas Booking through Mobile App for Android, Iphones, and Windows

You would now be able to book your HP LPG refill barrel utilizing a portable application. HP Gas has presented a versatile application for their LPG shoppers which can be gotten to on Android and iPhones. The HP Gas versatile application additionally enables their clients to enroll or ask for a second barrel, hold up an objection, or demand to surrender a current association.

The most effective method to Install HP Gas Application

       Please visit Play Store

       Search for "HPGas"

       Download the application

       Install the downloaded portable application

       Once you introduce the application, will request that you enact the application

       Please enter the wholesaler code, purchaser number, and enlisted versatile number

       Once you enter these points of interest, you will get a SMS with an enactment code on your telephone

       Launch the application by and by and enter the enactment code when requested

       You will then be requested to set a secret word which will be asked each time you dispatch the application

HP Gas Booking Through Distributor

Clients can likewise specifically connect with their closest HP Gas merchant to put a demand for HP Gas refill.

       To discover the wholesaler for your area, you can contact HP Gas through the helpline or hunt at the HP Gas online gateway.

       At the merchant office, you can book a HP Gas by giving data like your client number, contact subtle elements and contact address.

       Also, you can make utilization of the settled lines gave at HP Gas merchants to associate with IVRS and make a booking. Thusly, you will likewise get SMS affirmation for future reference.

The most effective method to Locate Your HP Gas Distributor

       If you don't have a clue about your HP Gas wholesaler's name or contact number, you can find your merchant by visiting https://myhpgas.in/myHPGas/HPGas/LocateDistributor.aspx

       You will be requested to pick your state and area starting from the drop and enter the captcha code before continuing

       You can either observe the outcomes in a rundown or on the guide. Pick the proper alternative

       Once you continue, you will see the name of the wholesalers in the place, address, and contact numbers

HP Gas booking has been enormously disentangled through IVRS process and web booking rather than manual booking and the client can book for LPG chamber online with no issues.

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