HDFC Titanium Times Card Benefits, Features, Eligibility, Fee/Charges at

HDFC Bank Titanium Times Credit Card Features at


·         Welcome Benefit

get started on an entertaining journey with a bouquet of Gift Vouchers, across Shopping, Apparel, Dining and many more categories. Visit to view the range of welcome offers.

·         Great Offers on Movie and Dining

Avail amazing round-the-year Discount Offers at participating Movie & Dining outlets in your city. Visit view the latest Movie & Dining Offers and outlet details.

·         Attractive Reward Points

o    Earn 2 Reward Points for every Rs. 150 spent on your card.

o    Weekday Dining Bonanza – Earn 5 Reward Points* on every Rs. 150 spent on Dining spends on weekdays (Weekdays = Monday to Friday).

Effective 1st July'2017,
a. EasyEMI and e-wallet loading transactions will not accrue Reward points.
b. Reward points accrued will be reversed if a retail transaction is converted into SmartEMI.
c. Reward points accrued for Insurance transactions will have a maximum cap of 2,000 per transaction.
* Transactions which are classified under the ‘Restaurant’ Merchant Category Code (MCC) as defined by VISA/ MasterCard only will be eligible for the bonanza reward points. Merchant Category Code (MCC) classified under ‘Hotel’ categories will not qualify for bonanza reward points.

·         Fuel Surcharge waiver

Fuel surcharge of 2.5% plus service tax will be replaced by Convenience fee of 1% (effective 01 Feb’17) plus GST (effective 01 Jul’17).

·         Safe & Secure Transactions

DIP your Chip Card at any Chip enabled POS or swipe your card at any non-chip POS (Regular POS).

·         Zero liability on lost card

if you lose your Credit Card, report it immediately to our 24-hour call centre. After reporting the loss, you carry zero liability on any fraudulent transactions made with your card.

·         Interest free credit facility 

Avail of up to 50 days interest free from the date of purchase (subject to the submission of the charge by the Merchant).

·         Reward points validity

Reward points are valid only for 2 years from the date of accumulation.
Ex: - if you receive reward points in May 2015, same will expire in May 2017.

·         Revolving Credit

Enjoy Revolving Credit on your Credit Card at nominal interest rate, refers Fee and Charges section.

·         Utility Bill Payments

Register your Titanium Credit Card with Smart Pay, HDFC Bank's Utility Bill payment service. You can then ensure that all your utility bills are paid on time, conveniently and easily.

What Are the Benefits of HDFC Titanium Card?

·         Get movie discounts of Rs. 1,800/- or more in a year!

(Assuming you book 4 movie tickets every month @ Rs. 150 per ticket at participating movie outlet)

·         Earn big discounts of Rs. 4,500/- or more every year on dining!

(Assuming you dine for Rs. 2,500 every month at participating dining outlet with 15% discount)

·         Save Rs. 1,500/- in a year on your fuel transactions!

(Assuming your average fuel purchase every month is Rs. 5,000/-)
·         Scan QR Code on Times Card with a smart phone and access exclusive offers website -

Eligibility for HDFC Titanium Times Credit Card at

You are eligible for the Titanium Credit Card based on the following:

Salaried Employee

·         i)  Minimum Age: 21 years
·         ii) Maximum Age: 60 years

Self Employed

·         i)  Minimum Age: 21 years
·         ii) Maximum Age: 65 years

What are the fees and charges applicable on a HDFC Titanium Times Credit Card?

First Year and Renewal Fee on Titanium Credit Card is Rs. 500/- (GST* as applicable)

*Goods and Services Tax (GST)

·         Effective 1st July 2017 Service Tax , KKC & SBC of 15% is replaced by Goods&Service Tax (GST) at 18%

·         The applicable GST would be dependent on place of provision (POP) and place of supply (POS).If POP and POS is in the same state then applicable GST would be CGST and SGST/UTGST else, IGST.

·         GST For FEE & Charges / Interest transactions Billed on statement date will reflect in next month statement.

·         GST levied will not be reversed on Any dispute on Fee & Charges / interest.

HDFC Titanium Times Credit Card - Learn about EMV Chip Cards

HDFC Bank welcomes you to the world of EMV Chip Cards. This range of Credit Cards comes equipped with a Chip Technology that provides you with enhanced security.

At HDFC Bank, we understand your need for safer and more secure transactions. With HDFC Bank’s range of EMV Chip Cards you can rest assured that your card transactions are safe and completely secure.

The Chip Card processes your data with unparalleled security and it is virtually impossible to copy or tamper with. It also protects your card against counterfeiting and skimming.

EMV Chip Cards are currently available on the following Cards:

·         Regalia

·         Superia

·         Platinum Edge

·         Titanium Edge

·         Solitaire

·         Solitaire Premium

·         Doctor's Superia

·         Doctor's Platinum

·         JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World

·         JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Platinum

·         JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Titanium

·         Teacher's Platinum

·         Platinum Plus

·         Visa Signature

·         World Mastercard

·         Titanium

A Must On Your International Tours

Your International travel and shopping experience should always be secure. Here's where your HDFC Bank EMV Chip Credit Card enables you to travel the world, dine at the finest restaurants, shop at the best places and soak in and enjoy the best experiences from around the world without having to worry about security of your transactions. Your Chip Credit Card helps protect you from fraudsters, forgers and all other security risks that you may face while using your Credit Card.

There are quite a few countries today where it is considered risky to use Credit Cards as the risks are high. HDFC Bank's EMV Chip Credit Cards helps you side-step this hurdle and provides you with a convenient and satisfying experience on your international trips.

Have questions about HDFC Titanium Times Credit Card?

Can a chip card be used for online transactions?

Yes, the chip card can be used for online transactions; the card has to be registered for ‘MasterCard SecureCode’ which ensures safe online transactions after which the card can be used online.

What are the benefits of a Chip Card?

A Chip Card is a Credit Card with an embedded microchip. The Chip is encrypted and provides enhanced security and protection to help guard against fraudulent transactions. When you use your Chip Card at stores or restaurants that have Chip–enabled terminals and at ATMs, the system validates the Chip ensuring security of your transaction.

How do I use a Chip Card?

A merchant has to dip the card in the POS terminal as opposed to swiping the card.

Does HDFC Bank’s Chip Card contain a magnetic strip?

Yes it does. This is because it will take time for all stores and restaurants to be set up with chip–enabled terminals. So to ensure your HDFC Bank Chip Card continues to be accepted everywhere, it contains a magnetic strip in addition to the chip.

Can a Chip Card be used to withdraw cash for Titanium Credit Card?

Yes a Chip Card can be used at any ATM to withdraw cash.

Star Health Insurance | | Star Health Insurance Login

Star Health Insurance Benefits at

Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd started tasks in the year 2006 of every a push to give health insurance arrangements at reasonable rates, to all people. The backup plan has propelled a scope of remarkable Mediclaim strategies, health insurance designs, and individual mischance arrangements. Star Health Insurance also turned into the primary insurance organization to dispatch a claim to fame policy called Star Cardiac Care for individuals experiencing cardiovascular sicknesses.

Scan for Health Insurance

Diagram of Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd:

Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd propelled health, abroad Mediclaim, and individual mischance insurance designs, since their commencement in 2006. The insurance organization utilizes its assets to give magnificent administrations and tweaked items to meet the differing needs of their clients. Star Health and Allied Insurance has a capital base of Rs.1, 050 crore, and is one of the biggest private health insurance suppliers in India.

With nearness the nation over, their items benefit an extensive variety of people through their 8,200+ system clinics. The organization offers a wide cluster of health insurance strategies items at sensible costs to make health insurance moderate for all. Star Health and Allied Insurance is centered on making health insurance inclusion accessible to all portions of the populace.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Benefits:

Star Health and Allied Insurance offers health insurance arrangements for people, families, and senior residents. The safety net provider additionally offers mishap care and basic ailment approaches. Recorded beneath are the advantages of Star Health Insurance designs.

*Note: Benefits said beneath might change from plan to design, and are liable to the safety net provider's terms and conditions.

Advantages of individual health insurance designs offered by Star Health and Allied Insurance:

        Individuals matured 18 to 65 years are qualified for the arrangement.

        There is no sub-restraining on room lease and treatment costs.

        Insurance cover incorporates clinic money advantages and free health registration office after the culmination of a specific number of back to back, guarantee free years.

        Insurance approaches from Star Health cover multi day-care strategies.

Advantages of family health insurance designs offered by Star Health and Allied Insurance:

        Affordable health insurance cover is accessible on a floater premise.

        For a case free recharging, you can get up to 100% expansion in total guaranteed.

        No sub-constrain on room lease and treatment costs.

        Your policy will cover dental and ophthalmic medicines on Out-Patient Department (OPD) premise.

        Insurance benefits incorporate air emergency vehicle office and second medicinal feeling.

Advantages of senior national health insurance designs offered by Star Health and Allied Insurance:

        Senior subjects matured 60 to 75 years can apply for the arrangement.

        No-pre insurance restorative test is required.

        Insurance covers prior maladies from second year onwards.

        Policy accompanies an ensured lifetime sustainability alternative.

        Medical counsels can be profited as an outpatient in a system healing facility.

Advantages of mishap care singular health insurance designs offered by Star Health and Allied Insurance:

        Insurance cover for unintentional passing, lasting handicap, and brief disablement.

        Get upgraded week after week pay up to Rs.15, 000 every week for up to 100 weeks.

        Get instructive concedes for subordinate youngsters.

        Get 5% total reward for each annum up to a most extreme of half.

        Get up to 150% of the whole guaranteed as remuneration for lasting aggregate disablement.

With mishap care insurance from Star Health Insurance, you can be set up for the most exceedingly bad.

Star Health Insurance Login - Securing Health, Protecting Wealth:

Star Health and Allied Insurance has a great number of separated strategies to defend a man's monetary position in case of restorative misfortune. The organization perceives the financial aftermaths of rising therapeutic expenses and has as needs be formulated items through which clients can benefit satisfactory and cost-proficient restorative treatment.

Every one of these plans serves to meet differed therapeutic expenses in one of a kind ways. They gloat of favorable circumstances, for example, speedy, simple and direct settling of cases (i.e. no outsider inclusion), cashless offices and free telephonic medicinal guidance whenever

The accompanying highlights/terms are regular to all anticipates offer:

        In-understanding hospitalization/treatment which incorporates doctor's facility expenses*, if one has been hospitalized for at least 24 hours.

        Pre-hospitalization Expenses: Generally up to 30 days.

        Post-hospitalization Expenses: Generally up to 60 days; more often than not met through a singular amount installment @7% of the costs or Rs.5, 000, whichever is less.

        Pre-existing illnesses are incorporated subject to earlier inclusion by a residential back up plan; as a rule for the four years going before policy beginning (2 or 3 years where indicated).

        Floater Basis: Family incorporates the essential policyholder, spouse/wife and youngsters who are reliant on the parent (by and large subject to an age top of 25 years); Sum guaranteed is similarly allocated among safeguarded individuals.

        Individual Basis: The entirety protected under the policy is made accessible on a for each individual premise.

        Reinstatement of whole guaranteed: Normally permitted after a predetermined number of case free years

*(Room, Nursing, Boarding, Surgery, Anesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultation, Specialists, Oxygen, OT charges, X-beam, Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Diagnostic Materials, Blood, Medicine, Drugs and so forth relying upon the arrangement picked. This is certainly not a prohibitive rundown)

Kinds of Health Insurance Policies Provided by Star Health Insurance:

Arrangements shaping a piece of the organization's health insurance designs portfolio are recorded underneath:

1.       Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy

2.       Star Medi Classic Insurance Policy

3.       Star Family Health Optima Insurance Plan

4.       Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy

5.       Star Super Surplus

6.       Star Super Surplus Gold Plan

7.       Star Health Gain

8.       Star Criticare Plus

9.       Star Cardiac Care

10.     Star Unique Health Insurance Policy

11.     Star Wedding Gift Insurance

12.     Star Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy

13.     Star Family Delite Insurance Policy

14.     Star Health Insurance Netplus

15.     Star Micro Health Insurance Policy

16.     Star Care Insurance Policy

17.     Star Health Accident Care Insurance Policy

18.     Star Health Student Care Plan

19.     Star Cancer Care Gold

The qualification, inclusion premise, costs and different advantages identifying with each arrangement are laid out beneath:

Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy:

A Star far reaching insurance policy is an insurance plan that gives a thorough inclusion to inpatient and in addition certain outpatient medications. It likewise considers the healthcare needs of new/hopeful moms.

Star Medi Classic Insurance Policy (Individual):

The Star medi great insurance policy is a far reaching health insurance plan that gives a cover against a scope of restorative costs. The policy likewise covers non-allopathic medications. Further, with this policy, the guaranteed individual can likewise buy additional items designs that will give him/her a more improved level of insurance.

Star Family Health Optima:

A Star family health optima Insurance Plan gives inclusion against healthcare-related costs to the whole family, at a moderate premium rate. A portion of the key highlights of the Family Health Optima Plan are said in the table beneath.

Passage Age          Adults: 18 years to 65 years

Youngsters over sixteenth day can be incorporated into the cover

Just restorations permitted following 65 years

Aggregate assured          Rs.1 lakh to Rs.25 lakh

Premiums charged Rs.3, 890 to Rs.34, 700; Depends on aggregate guaranteed, age, family size and zone; in light of period of most established protected part

Bonus          Bonus of 25% can be profited on the whole protected sum for the principal guarantee free year, and 10% for each consequent case free year

Reestablishment of total assured        Up to 100% restoration

Co-payment 20% of all cases for guaranteed individuals more than 61 years old

Coverage             In-persistent hospitalization

        Ambulance charges

        Pre and post-hospitalization costs

        Day-care costs

        Domiciliary hospitalization

        Organ benefactor costs

        Cost of health registration

        New-conceived infant cover

Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy:

Senior subjects are an oft-overlooked portion of the health insurance industry given their constrained livelihoods and high helplessness to age-related diseases. Star Health has tended to this current gathering's assurance needs through this Star senior resident's celebrity main street plan which furnishes moderate and sufficient inclusion alongside appealing highlights.

Passage Age          60 to 75 years

Renewals     Guaranteed following 75 years

Aggregate assured          Rs.1 lakh to Rs.10 lakhs

Premium charges   Rs.4, 450 to Rs.26, 550

Discount      5% rebate after acquiring arrangements on the web

Therapeutic screening     not required.

Treatment    Provided at any system healing facility

Co-payment 50% for previous infection claims; 30% for different cases

Covers                 In-persistent hospitalization

        Pre-existing infections after first policy year

        Outpatient counsels

        Cover for particular infections

        Ambulance charges

        Pre-and post-hospitalization costs

Star Health Insurance Details - Star Super Surplus Insurance Policy:

Star super surplus Provides more prominent insurance than that offered by the normal ordinary designs. It very well may be benefited by people for themselves or on a floater premise to incorporate their families also.

Section Age 3 months to 65 years; just reestablishments past 65 years

Basis  Individual or Floater

Whole assured      Individual-Rs.7 lakh/10 lakh Family Floater-Rs.10 lakh

Premium charged  Premiums will differ based on the arrangement compose, entirety protected, age at passage, and different elements

        Individual Plans: Premiums start at Rs.1, 300

        Family Floater Plans: Premiums start at Rs.1, 800

Coverage     Silver Plan:

        Hospitalization cover

        Surgeon's expenses, anesthetist charges, and so on.

        Cost of blood, drugs, anesthesia, and so forth.

Gold Plan:

        Hospitalization cover

        Surgeon's expenses, anesthetist charges, and so on.

        Cost of blood, drugs, anesthesia, and so forth.

        Air rescue vehicle cover

        Emergency rescue vehicle charges

        Option to profit second supposition

Star Super Surplus 'Gold' Plan:

A Star super surplus gold arrangement which takes into account any unanticipated occasion, offering improved insurance to policyholders. Composed essentially to offer upgraded security, this is perfect for people who wish to benefit the best in health insurance. Arrangements of air-rescue vehicle, nonattendance of room lease top, long lasting recharging and reasonable premiums have made the Gold Arrangement an ideal partner for individuals familiar with a specific lifestyle.

Section age Minimum – 18 years Maximum – 65 years Children can profit assurance under this arrangement, subject to the parent being a policyholder. Kids matured between 3 months and 25 years can be ensured under this policy

Basis Individual or Floater

Entirety assured    Minimum – Rs 5 lakhs (Floater and Individual) Maximum – Rs 25 lakhs (Floater and Individual) Maximum-Rs.10 lakhs (Individual)

Premium charged  Ranges between Rs 1,950 and Rs 36,360, contingent upon the passage age and aggregate guaranteed

Co-payment 10% of case sum for policyholder with passage age more than 60 years

Covers         Hospitalization charges (counting room and nursing expenses), air rescue vehicle cover, specialist/advisor expenses, pharmaceutical costs, activity theater costs, second supposition costs, and so forth.

Star Health Gain:

The Health Gain Insurance Policy from Star Health is a one of a kind insurance policy that gives a cover against both inpatient and outpatient costs. The policy can be obtained on an individual premise or for a whole family as a family floater plan.

Section Age         5 months to 65 years

Basis  Individual or Floater

Total Insured         Rs.1 lakh – Rs.5 lakh

Premium charged  Starting from Rs.15, 000 (barring GST)

Discount      Maximum 10% no-guarantee reward upon restoration.

Coverage             Outpatient treatment inside points of confinement

        Ambulance charges

        Pre/Post-hospitalization costs

        Day-care techniques as determined

        Pre-existing sicknesses, following four years

        In-persistent hospitalization

Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy:

The Star criticare in addition to Insurance Policy particularly gives a cover to up to 9 basic sicknesses. Subsequently, with this policy, if the protected individual happens to be determined to have a basic ailment, he/she will get a singular amount payout, from the guarantor.

Section Age 18 to 65 years, just reestablishments past 65 years

Basis  Individual

Total assured        Rs.2 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs

Premiums charged Rs.3, 750 to Rs.35, 350 (barring charge)

Discounts:   5% for 2 individuals and underneath; 10% over 2 individuals

Therapeutic screening     required for people over 50 years at approved focuses

Co-payment 30% of cases for safeguarded parties over 60 years; material as far as possible

Covers                 Hospitalization cover

        Ambulance charges

        Pre/Post-hospitalization costs

        Day-care techniques

        Non-Allopathic medicines

        Major sicknesses

        Pre-existing sicknesses after the holding up period

Star Cardiac Care Insurance Plan:

Setting off to the core of its client base, this Star cardiovascular consideration plan is outfitted towards repaying guaranteed parties for costs brought about on heart infirmities notwithstanding far reaching health benefits. The policy is accessible in two variations – the Silver Plan and the Gold Plan.

Section Age 10 to 65 years; for the individuals who have been Stinting or Bypass patients in the 7 years going before policy beginning.

Total assured        Rs.3 or 4 lakhs

Premiums charged         Silver Plan: Starting from Rs.18, 000

        Gold Plan: Starting from Rs.26, 000

Therapeutic screening     required for all contestants

Co-payment 10% of cases for safeguarded parties over 60 years. Of age

Coverage             Hospitalization cover

        Ambulance charges

        Pre/Post-hospitalization costs

        Day-care techniques

        Pre-existing diseases following four years

        Cardiac sicknesses after the 90-day holding up period

        Outpatient costs

        Personal Accidents

Star Unique Health Insurance Policy:

The Star Unique Health Insurance Policy gives a cover to both previous maladies and any afflictions/diseases that may happen later on. Policy purchasers likewise don't need to experience a pre-policy restorative screening with a specific end goal to buy this arrangement. The primary advantages and highlights of the policy are recorded underneath.

Passage Age          18 to 65 years; just recharges permitted past 65 years

Basis  Individual.

Policy period          2 years; entirety guaranteed and as far as possible are per policy year

Entirety assured    Rs.1 lakh to Rs.3 lakhs

Sub-limits    Rs.50, 000 to Rs.1.5 lakhs

Premiums charged Rs.4, 900 to Rs.26, 450

Premium payment 2 portions; one at origin and afterward at start of second policy year

Medicinal screening        not required

Coverage             Covers HIV+ people (subject to conditions)

        Non-allopathic medications

        Pre/Post-hospitalization costs

        Pre-existing illnesses

        Ambulance charges

        Day-care methodology as determined

        In-quiet hospitalization

Star Wedding Gift Insurance:

A Star wedding blessing insurance gives a wide inclusion to guaranteed individual by covering their general hospitalization costs, giving a pre-and post-natal cover, and furthermore giving a hazard cover to the infant.

Section age (for couples)          18 to 40 years; inexhaustible till 45 years; trailed by discretionary policy movement

Basis  Floater

Premium payment:                  One-Year Cover: Rs.10, 305 to Rs.15, 310

        Two-Year Cover: Rs.18, 550 to Rs.27, 560

Policy period          1 or 2 years.

Restorative screening      not required.

Coverage             In-persistent hospitalization

        Ambulance charges

        Delivery costs, pre-and post-natal costs

        Newborn child care

        Non-Allopathic medications

        Pre-existing ailments following four years

        Pre-and post-hospitalization costs

Star Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy:

The Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy from Star Health is an exceptional insurance policy that gives a cover against both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. The policy can be acquired as individual or floater policy. Outpatient costs, for example, restorative conference, solutions, and indicative tests are secured. Pay for inadvertent passing of safeguarded part given. Contributor costs for kidney transplant are additionally secured. Dialysis costs of Rs.1, 000 per sitting concealed to 2 years. More than multi day-care systems secured and programmed rebuilding of whole aggregate guaranteed.

Section age 18 to 65 years

Basis  Individual or Floater

Medicinal screening                Plan A: Medical screening is required

        Plan B: Medical screening isn't required

Restoration of whole assured    Up to 100% (on singular premise)

Coverage             Covers hospitalization costs because of Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes

        Covers hospitalization costs because of different infections

        Outpatient costs

        Personal mischances

        Day care methodology

Star Family Delite Insurance Policy:

The Family Delite Insurance Policy from Star Health is a moderate health insurance policy that is particularly cooked towards families. By method for this policy, protected individuals will get a cover against in-quiet, pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization, and indicated day-care strategy costs.

Section age 5 months to 65 years, just reestablishments permitted past 65 years

Basis  Floater

Whole assured      Rs. 2 or 3 lakhs

Premium charged  Premiums start from Rs.2, 800

Real premium rate will shift based on the total protected, number of family individuals selected, age of the most seasoned family part, and so on.

Restorative screening      required for participants over 50 years at approved focuses

Coverage             In-understanding hospitalization cover

        Emergency rescue vehicle charges

        Pre-and post-hospitalization costs

        Day-care strategies, as said in the leaflet

        Specific maladies specified in the pamphlet

        Pre-existing maladies following four years

Star Health Insurance Netplus:

In a move towards consideration, the organization has presented Star health insurance netplus policy to stretch out the advantages of insurance to segregated individuals from society. While most strategies reject HIV constructive people, this arrangement is particularly provided food towards people determined to have HIV.

Star Micro Health Insurance Policy:

The Star miniaturized scale health insurance policy offered Star Health Insurance offers a cover against doctor's facility costs at a reasonable cost. This policy is accessible for buy in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 urban areas, in India. The highlights of this policy are recorded in the table underneath.

Section age         18 years - 70 years

The cover can be stretched out to subordinate kids more than 5 months

Basis  Individual

Whole Insured       Rs.5 lakh, Rs.10 lakh, Rs.15 lakh

Least Premium       Premiums start from Rs.254

Policy Tenure         1, 2, or 3 years

Coverage             In-persistent hospitalization costs

        Pre-and post-hospitalization cover

        405 childcare medicines

        Pre-existing infections following four year holding up period

        Treatment for certain particular maladies

        Ambulance costs

Star Care Insurance Policy:

The Star Care is a health insurance policy that can be taken as an individual arrangement or as a family floater plan. The Star care insurance policy gives a cover against hospitalization costs that one may need to cause in case of a mishap. The policy likewise covers unplanned passing, in this way helping you protect your wards fiscally.

Passage age          18 years - 65 years

The cover can be reached out to kids more than 2 years

Renewability          Lifetime

Basis  Individual/Family Floater

Premium charged  Premiums start from Rs.905

Premiums will shift based on the safety net provider's age, total protected, and so on.

Therapeutic screening     Pre-policy medicinal screening isn't required

Coverage             Policy pays healing facility money benefits

        Medical use is dealt with to a huge degree

        Coverage for mischances that happen while playing winter sports

        Educational concede accommodated minor youngsters

        Travel costs will be secured for one relative

Star Health Student Care Plan:

The Student Care Plan from Star Health Insurance is particularly cooked towards school and school understudies, and gives a cover against coincidental passing, lasting aggregate inability caused because of a mishap, therapeutic costs because of wounds maintained in a mischance, and so on. A portion of the fundamental highlights of this arrangement are recorded in the table beneath.

Section age         School understudies: 3 - 18 years

        College understudies: 15 - 25 years

Total Insured                 School understudies: Rs.50, 000

        College Students: Rs.1 lakh

Least Premium               School understudies: Rs.70

        College Students: Rs.120

Coverage             Covers coincidental demise and changeless aggregate incapacity

        Cover against hospitalization costs post a mishap

        Outpatient costs up to a particular farthest point

        Education concede upon parent/watchman's demise

Star Cancer Care Gold:

The Cancer Care Gold from Star Health Insurance is the principal insurance plan that is particularly intended for people who have just been determined to have either Stage 1 or Stage 2 Cancer. This policy has been propelled by the backup plan on a pilot reason for a time of 5 years, starting at now. The policy covers repeat of tumor, spread of the ailment, and second growth, which is random to the primary malignancy, and so forth. Certain highlights of the arrangement are recorded in the table beneath.

Age at Entry          5 months - 65 years

Policy Multi year

Therapeutic Screening    Pre-policy restorative screening isn't required

Aggregate Insured          Rs.3 lakh and Rs.5 lakh

Least Premium               Section 1: Rs.17, 400

        Section 2: Rs.12, 250

Co-Pay        10% co-pay for policyholders beyond 60 years old years

Coverage             Section 1: Lump aggregate advantage is given in the event of repeat of the illness/second tumor/metastasis

        Section 2 (Indemnity Cover): Covers careful and furthermore interventional treatment

        Section 3 (Indemnity Cover): Covers non-careful and non-interventional treatment

Star Health Accident Care Insurance Policy:

It's imperative to remain secured under an insurance policy in the event that something untoward happens that could abandon you in a fiscally insecure position. Regardless of whether an occasion happens that happens to render you unequipped for gaining a wage, you have to guarantee that your family doesn't need to endure monetarily. The Star Health Accident Care Insurance Policy health insurance item gives you the significant serenity of realizing that regardless of whether you meet with a mischance, the costs for your hospitalization and treatment will be dealt with. Likewise, if the mischance abandons you crippled and unfit to acquire a pay, the arrangement will likewise pay out a total of cash to your dependants and mate to hold over intense occasions.

Highlights of Accident Care Insurance Plan:

        Minimum passage age is 18 years and greatest is 70 years.

        Dependent youngsters can be brought under insurance cover from the age of 5 months.

        Policy pays doctor's facility money benefits.

        Medical use is dealt with to an extensive degree.

        One of the few polices that gives inclusion to mischances that happen while playing winter sports.

        Educational give accommodated minor kids.

        Travel costs will be secured if required for one mate.

        Insured sum will be computed in light of the wage of the policyholder.

        Policy residency can be of one, two, or even three years.

        Policy has lifetime inexhaustibility.

The accompanying terms and conditions are appropriate to every one of the plans:

Renewal       No age confines; Grace Time of 30 days from expiry; Increase in whole guaranteed permitted upon restoration; Renewal premium can fluctuate

Cancellation Allowed whenever amid policy period; Premiums discounted according to organization rates

Termination Upon passing of guaranteed, when whole cover is asserted

Portability    Allowed

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to purchase Star Health and Allied Insurance approaches?

There are a few health insurance suppliers in India. It very well may be hard to pick the correct health insurance supplier. Here is a rundown of features of Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd to enable you to comprehend why this insurance organization is one of the best safety net providers in the nation:

        It is India’s first remaining solitary health insurance organization in Pan India.

        From family floater plans to senior subject health insurance designs, the organization offers an extensive variety of health insurance items.

        The organization has in excess of 340 branch workplaces. It offers cashless hospitalization and repayment office crosswise over 8200 or more doctor's facilities in India.

        In FY2016-17, 3, 78,710 cases were settled, Rs.1, 378.13 crore was settled in cases, and 87% of the cashless cases was settled in under 2 hours.

        Customers can get to data on items and administrations offered by Star Health Insurance through the organization site, Interactive Voice Response System, and so forth.

        Policyholders will get reestablishment see 15 days before the expiry date of the policy from the insurance organization.

        The backup plan will affirm guaranteeing choice inside 7 days from the receipt of medicinal reports if a pre-restorative examination is required.

Sans •         hassle and expedient direct case settlement process without the mediation of a Third-Party Administrator.

        In the instance of cashless office, the organization will give pre-authorization inside 4 hours from the receipt of the demand.

        Reimbursement cases will be settled on inside 30 long stretches of receipt of finish guarantee archives.

        Claim status can be known inside 3 long periods of receipt of archives.

        All complaints will be recognized inside 3 long periods of receipt. Complaints will be settled inside 15 long stretches of receipt.

Rundown of honors won by Star Health and Allied Insurance:

        Start Health won 'Best Health Insurance Company of the Year 2017' by CMO Asia.

        Star Health and Allied Insurance won the 'W.H.O Award of Excellence, 2017' honor.

        It won the 'Best Health Insurance Provider of the Year' at the Business Today, Money Today Financial Awards 2016-2017.

        Star Health and Allied Insurance beat 28 general insurance organizations at the Indian Insurance Award and won the 'Cases Service Company of The Year, 2014'.

        Star Health Insurance was evaluated the 'Best Claim Settlement Insurer' in Hindustan MaRS Survey.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd has no Third-Party Administrator (TPA), the safety net provider rather it manages coordinate in-house guarantee settlement. With the coming of innovation, the organization has an office to keep up close to home health records in electronic configuration.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Online Renewal:

Star Health and Allied Insurance offers numerous strategies with a lifetime inexhaustibility alternative. Here is a well ordered manual for restore your Star Health Insurance policy on the web:

        Visit the backup plan's site for moment recharging.

        Click on the Renewal catch.

        Fill in the online shape with insights about your policy, for example, the policy number, your portable number, email ID, and date of birth. Tap on Proceed.

        Fill in your location and tap on continue.

        Post entering in all the required data, recharging points of interest, for example, net premium and administration duty will be shown.

        You can tap on Renewal Notice and another window will open with the notice.

        After perusing the notice, tap on Purchase Policy.

        Register with your name, telephone, email and secret phrase to pay the exceptional utilizing net saving money, platinum card or MasterCard.

It is vital to check the terms and states of sustainability before purchasing a health insurance policy.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Customer Care:

Star Health and Allied Insurance has a committed cases helpdesk to determine the case related questions of its clients. The cases helpdesk number and contact individual for every area can be found on the insurance organization's site. The complaints will be recognized inside long stretches of enrollment of grievance.

        Address: The Manager - Customer Care, Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd, No.1, New Tank Street, Valluvarkottam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600 034

        The safety net provider additionally has a committed email ID and without toll numbers

Your inquiries can be submitted online through the safety net provider's site. As one of the biggest health insurance organizations in India, Star Health and Allied Insurance takes uncommon consideration in reviewing the complaints of its clients.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Products:

From individual and family health insurance intends to senior native and best up plan, Star Health and Allied Insurance offers an extensive variety of health insurance intends to meet the shifting needs of the clients? Here is a rundown of health insurance items offered by Star Health Insurance:

        Family Health Optima Insurance Plan: With this family health insurance plan, you can get a more extensive insurance inclusion for the whole family at a moderate premium. For each case free year, you can get a free health checkup. New-conceived child cover is accessible from the sixteenth day onwards. This policy accompanies a beauty time of 120 days. Insurance inclusion is accessible though day-couldn't care less strategies. For whole safeguarded of Rs.3 lakh or more, programmed reclamation of the essential total protected is accessible 3 times at 100% each time amid the policy term.

        Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy: Senior natives matured 60 to 75 years can apply for this policy. No pre-insurance medicinal test is required for applying. Prior maladies are secured from the second year onwards. This policy accompanies an ensured lifetime reestablishment choice and high entirety guaranteed inclusion of up to Rs.10 lakh. Therapeutic interviews can be benefited as an outpatient at a system doctor's facility.

        Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy: This policy covers therapeutic costs brought about on bariatric surgeries. Policy benefits incorporate air rescue vehicle help and second therapeutic feeling. The expense of health checkup for each 3 guarantee free years is secured under this policy. Get healing center money advantage, programmed rebuilding of aggregate safeguarded by 100%, maternity inclusion, and individual mischance cover against death and perpetual aggregate disablement. The policy covers dental and ophthalmic medications on OPD premise. There is no sub-constrain for room lease and treatment cost. The policy covers more than multi day-care systems.

        Medi-great Insurance Policy (Individual): Get a No-Claim Bonus of 5-25% for each case free year, free health checkup up to Rs.5, 000 for each 4 guarantee free years, programmed reclamation of total protected by 200%, and inclusion for multi day-care strategies. Doctor's facility money advantage and patient consideration cover are discretionary spreads with this individual health insurance policy.

        Star Health Gain Insurance Policy: This policy covers people and families. Get insurance inclusion for inpatient and outpatient medications, a No-Claim Bonus of up to 10% upon restoration, and settled premium over all age gatherings and whole guaranteed ranges. Unutilized outpatient advantage can be conveyed forward to the following year after policy recharging.

        Super Surplus Insurance Policy: This is a best up policy offering a high whole safeguarded at a moderate premium. Prior infections cover starts following a 3-year holding up period. No pre-acknowledgment medicinal screening is required. This policy can be bought as an individual or floater policy.

        Star Unique Health Insurance Policy: This policy accompanies remarkable policy advantages, for example, previous ailments secured following a 11-month holding up period, hospitalization cover incorporates emergency vehicle charges and pre-hospitalization costs up to 30 days before confirmation, pre-hospitalization paid as a single amount sum, and no pre-acknowledgment restorative test required. The policy term is 2 years and the premium can be paid in 2 portions.

        Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy: Hospitalization cover incorporates inconveniences of sort 1 and sort 2 diabetes. Policy can be acquired as individual or floater policy. Outpatient costs, for example, therapeutic counsel, pharmaceuticals, and demonstrative tests are secured. Pay for unplanned passing of safeguarded part given. Giver costs for kidney transplant secured. Dialysis costs of Rs.1, 000 per sitting concealed to 2 years. More than multi day-care systems secured and programmed rebuilding of whole entirety safeguarded.

        Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy: This policy is for people who have experienced medical procedure, remedy or mediation for existing heart infections. Outpatient advantage and individual mishap demise cover accessible. This policy is accessible in gold and silver arrangement alternatives. Silver arrangement covers costs brought about for inpatient treatment regarding all cardiovascular related inconveniences that requires medical procedure or intercession while gold arrangement covers costs acquired for inpatient treatment as for all heart related complexities that requires restorative administration and medical procedure or mediation. More than multi day-care methods secured and no pre-acknowledgment restorative test required.

        Star Wedding Gift Insurance: This policy covers standard hospitalization, conveyance, and infant costs. You can likewise get cover for non-allopathic treatment up to a predetermined utmost. Policy term is for 1 or 2 years. No pre-acknowledgment therapeutic test is required.

        Star Micro Health Insurance: This policy offers healthcare assurance at a moderate expense. Get hospitalization conceal to a predefined restrict which incorporates rescue vehicle charges.

        Star Net Plus: This is a unique policy offered by Star Health and Allied Insurance for the individuals who require it the most. It is the principal policy in India to cover HIV positive people.

        Star Care Insurance Policy: This policy is accessible on individual and floater premise in Tier I and Tier II places. Pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization costs secured under this policy. Healing center money advantage accessible if treatment is looked for at an administration doctor's facility.

        Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy: This policy offers insurance cover for 9 determined basic diseases. There is no confinement of the survival time frame. It additionally covers general hospitalization and non-allopathic treatment up as far as possible. The cover will proceed till the expiry of the policy for general hospitalization even after installment of singular amount sum.

        Star Family Delite Insurance Policy: This is a reasonable health insurance policy for families. Get insurance cover for pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization, and indicated day-care method costs.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Mediclaim Premium Calculator:

The online premium number cruncher accessible on the guarantor's site makes it simple for insurance premium figuring of your picked health insurance policy. Visit the official site of Star Health Insurance and tap on the picked plan. For example, in the event that you have picked a Family Insurance Plan, enter what number of grown-ups and youngsters you need to safeguard under the plan, enter the whole protected sum, the date of birth of the oldest individual from your family, pin code, and so forth. When you have entered in all the vital data, you will get a moment statement of the insurance premium for the picked policy.

Star Health and Allied Insurance for Government Employees:

The Tamil Nadu State Government had propelled another health insurance plot with a tie-up with Star Health and Allied Insurance Company for government workers and their families in 2008. The premium for the health cover was paid by the representatives and to some extent by the legislature. The policyholder could profit up to Rs.2 lakh towards medicinal costs for a long time for a yearly premium of Rs.495. The state government worker needed to pay Rs.300 while the administration paid the rest. A total of Rs.25 was deducted from the month to month compensation of the representative enlisted under the plan. The recipients of the plan could profit therapeutic administrations in 52 healing centers over the state.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Health Checkup:

Star Health Insurance covers health checkup for each 1-3 guarantee free a very long time under the Family Health Optima Insurance Plan, Star Comprehensive Insurance policy, and Medi-exemplary Insurance Policy. Consistent Health checkup can help distinguish a sickness or keep the beginning of one. Health checkup can be costly, which is the reason; an insurance policy that conceals your health check expenses can be valuable.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Policy Document:

It is critical to experience the policy report for incorporations and rejections when purchasing an insurance plan to dodge any problem when making a case. Star Health and Allied Insurance application shape, policy record, leaflets, pre-authorization frame, and KYC frame are accessible on the safety net provider's site. You can download the structures, fill it, and submit it at the closest Star Health Insurance branch office.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Login:

To sign into the Star Health Insurance site, you need to enroll with your name, telephone, email, and secret key. You can login with your enlisted email ID and secret phrase. By signing into the site, you can complete the accompanying:

        Star Health and Allied Insurance mediclaim online installment

        View your policy recharging notice

        Make Star Health and Allied Insurance recharging installment

Star Health and Allied Insurance Customer ID:

Another health insurance plot was propelled by the Tamil Nadu state government in organization with the remain solitary health insurance organization, Star Health and Allied Insurance to give health cover to government representatives. The insurance organization issued character cards to the representatives and the recipients secured under the new health insurance plot through the separate pay drawing officers inside a time of 60 days from the date of beginning of the plan.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Network Hospitals:

Star Health and Allied Insurance has tie-ups with more than 8,200 doctor's facilities the nation over where policyholders with a Star Health Insurance policy can profit cashless hospitalization and in addition repayment office. It is one of the biggest base of system doctor's facilities in India. The safety net provider likewise offers a problem free case settlement process without the mediation of a Third-Party Administrator (TPA).

To find a system doctor's facility close to your home, select your state and city starting from the drop box on the online Network Hospital Locator. You will get a rundown of system doctor's facilities with contact points of interest right away. Star Health additionally has tie-ups with Agreed Network Hospitals where the safeguarded individuals can profit cashless exchanges and get bundle rates for distinguished methods.

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 How to File a Claim with Star Health?

Cashless Claim: Visit a system clinic of the safety net provider to benefit cashless treatment. Hint the safety net provider inside 24 long stretches of impromptu hospitalization and 48 hours before your arranged hospitalization by calling the sans toll number of Star Health Insurance.

        Display your Star Health ID at the system doctor's facility encourage work area. The healing facility will check your character subtle elements and present an appropriately filled and marked pre-authorization ask for shape to the insurance organization.

        Star Health will choose a specialist to confirm the pre-authorization ask for and send an endorsement letter to the doctor's facility.

        The healing center will continue with the cashless treatment for the safeguarded part.

        If the cashless case is denied, the guaranteed part can get treated and document for a repayment guarantee after release.

Repayment Claim: A field specialist will be doled out by Star Health to make hospitalization less demanding for the protected. All case implications must be made inside 24 long periods of hospitalization. Repayment office can be benefited at organize and additionally non-arrange healing facilities.

        Settle all the healing center bills at the season of release and gather all the first records, for example, release outline, physician endorsed, doctor's visit expenses, doctor's facility charges, drug store bills, and so forth.

        Submit a repayment guarantee shape alongside the first restorative reports at the closest Star Health branch office inside 30 long periods of release.

        Upon fruitful confirmation and endorsement, the case sum will be sent to the protected.

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Star Health Insurance FAQ:

1.       Why do I require health insurance?

Health Insurance encourages you to deal with you and your family's future by satisfying your restorative costs. It causes you to set aside some cash.

2.       What is cashless hospitalization? Does Star Health Insurance Company give it?

Cashless hospitalization empowers you to save money on out-of-take costs. This is an office offered to you by your insurance supplier wherein your health insurance supplier will satisfy your hospitalization bills. Star Health Insurance Company provides cashless hospitalization, at organize clinics the nation over.

3.       Can I recharge my Start Health Insurance policy? In the event that truly, how?

Indeed, you can recharge your Star Health Insurance policy. For that, the organization will send you restoration see which will contain the expiry date of your present policy.

4.       What is a health card?

A health card resembles a character card which accompanies your health insurance policy. This card empowers you to appreciate cashless hospitalization office at Star Health Insurance organization's system clinics. You have to demonstrate your health card at the season of entrance into a system doctor's facility to appreciate every one of the advantages.

5.       What is the most extreme number of cases that I can make in one year?

You can make any number of cases amid the residency of your policy. In any case, the greatest measure of case you can make is the total protected in the policy.

6.       What is a family floater plan?

It is an arrangement that will enable you to stretch out the health insurance cover to every one of your wards with a solitary aggregate safeguarded that can be used by all individuals selected under the policy.

7.       Will a Star Health Insurance policy assist me with getting exclusion from Income Tax?

Truly, you can get exception from salary charge up to Rs.15, 000 under area 80D of the Income Tax Act.

8.       Are Star Health Insurance approaches acknowledged the nation over?

Indeed, Star Health Insurance strategies are acknowledged the nation over. On the off chance that you remain at Bangalore and your family remains at Mumbai, you can cover every one of them under a similar policy.

9.       Do I require a restorative checkup before purchasing a Star health insurance policy?

In the event that your age is over 50 years and you need to purchase a Star health insurance policy, at that point you have to experience medicinal checkup. Be that as it may, therapeutic checkup isn't required for the senior resident approaches.

10.     Does Star Health Insurance take care of restorative expense spent in outpatient treatment?

For the most part health insurance organizations take care of the expense of inpatient medicines. Notwithstanding, Star Health Insurance Company gives designs that do take care of the expense acquired for outpatient medications under particular terms and conditions.

11.     11.Does Start Health Insurance deal with my current infections?

Truly, Star Health Insurance deals with your prior ailments too. Nonetheless, you can get it secured following four years of persistent restoration with Star Health Insurance.

12.     Can I get repayment on the off chance that I benefit treatment at non – arrange doctor's facilities?

On the off chance that you take treatment at non-arrange doctor's facilities, Star Health Insurance will repay you the measure of bills which is liable to the policy embraced. Be that as it may, cashless hospitalization is accessible just on the off chance that you take treatment at the system clinics of Star Health Insurance.

13.     Can I profit tax cuts from the health insurance conspire?

Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, the policyholder can get impose findings for premium paid towards a health insurance policy.

Description  Self, life partner, and ward children    Parents        total finding under Section 80D

Assessed and his or her family is underneath 60 long periods of age  Rs.25, 000   Rs.25, 000          Rs.50, 000

Assessee and his or her family is under 60 years old and guardians are over 60 years old          Rs.25, 000   Rs.30, 000   Rs.55, 000

Assessee and his or her folks are 60 years and above     Rs.30, 000   Rs.30, 000   Rs.60, 000

1.       Is a therapeutic checkup obligatory before purchasing a health policy?

For people over 50 years of age, a therapeutic checkup is vital when purchasing another health insurance policy. Restorative checkup isn't important for senior subject health insurance policy offered to people between 60 to 69 years old.

2.       Why is it required to have health insurance?

With the unfaltering ascent in healthcare expenses and way of life maladies, it is vital to have a health insurance plan that will cover you and your family in your hour of need. Having a reasonable health cover will guarantee you get opportune and satisfactory healthcare, with no budgetary problems.

3.       How does cashless office work?

Safeguarded individuals will be given a character card. While benefiting cashless office, the policyholder must get a pre-authorization letter from the clinic and close Star Health Insurance. The pre-authorization shape must be submitted to Star Health Insurance by the doctor's facility. Contingent upon the points of interest outfitted, the guarantor will process the cashless demand.

4.       Can I take health insurance for my multi year old tyke?

Youngsters are not secured under individual arrangements but rather can be secured with a parent, according to the terms and states of the policy.

5.       I'm an outsider and I live in India, would I be able to profit health cover from Star Health and Allied Insurance?

Indeed, you can profit health cover from Star Health and Allied Insurance. Be that as it may, the insurance inclusion will be limited to the treatment got in healing facilities in India amid the policy term.

6.       How to check Star Health and Allied Insurance guarantee status?

Visit Star Health and Allied Insurance' site, enter the case suggestion number and ID number. Pick the system clinic or concurred organize healing facility where you got treatment starting from the drop list. Tap on 'Submit' to see your case status.

7.       How to get Star Health Insurance organization?

The rundown of Star Health insurance branch workplaces in your area and the nation over is accessible on the guarantor's site alongside a rundown of the Star Health Insurance specialists and their contact numbers.

8.       How to apply for a Star Health Insurance policy?

Visit the safety net provider's site, pick a reasonable policy, and get a moment quote on the picked policy utilizing the online premium adding machine. Experience the policy pamphlet, download the application frame, top it off, and submit it on the web or at a closest Star Health branch office. Insurance premium installment can be made on the web in the event that you are purchasing the policy through the safety net provider's site.

9.       How to fill Star Health and Allied Insurance guarantee frame?

Section An of the case shape must be filled by the guaranteed part with policy number, individual points of interest, insurance history, subtle elements of hospitalization, subtle elements of case, and ledger points of interest. Direction for filling the case shape will be given in the frame itself. The frame can be downloaded from the insurance organization's site. Part B of the frame must be filled by the clinic.

10.     How to restore a Star Health and Allied Insurance policy?

Star Health Insurance designs will be restored according to the terms and conditions specified in the policy record. Read the policy report deliberately. Policy restoration must be done inside the elegance time frame or the policy will slip by. The insurance premium for reestablishment can be paid online through the back up plan's site. Tap on the Renewal catch; enter your policy number and individual subtle elements. Tap on Proceed, see your reestablishment notice and gross premium sum, and tap on Purchase Policy. You will be taken to the installment portal for secure online installment.

11.     How to pay Star Health Insurance premium on the web?

Visit the backup plan's site, sign into the site with your enlisted email ID and secret key; pay the insurance premium through the site utilizing net keeping money, platinum card or charge card.

12.     How do I login to Star Health Insurance?

To sign into the Star Health Insurance site, you need to enlist with your name, telephone, email, and secret key. You can login with your enrolled email ID and secret phrase.

13.     How do I record a cashless/repayment guarantee?

The procedure for cashless cases is as per the following

Demonstrate your ID card at the insurance work area of the system doctor's facility. Your personality will be confirmed by the healing center and a pre approval shape will be submitted to the safety net provider. The insurance organization selected specialist will evaluate the reports and process the case according to the terms and states of the policy. On account of a crisis, the insurance organization must be implied inside 24 long periods of the mishap, disease or hospitalization. Insinuation should be possible by reaching the helpline number (1800 425 2255) or visiting the closest office of Star Health. Say the Star Health ID number or policy number for simple reference.

The procedure for repayment claims is as per the following

O       The safety net provider will dole out a field specialist to make the hospitalization procedure simple for you. After release, pay all the doctor's facility bills, and gather the first archives of the treatment experienced and costs caused. Fill the case shape and submit it alongside the significant unique reports at the closest Star Health office.

O       The following are the significant records required to document a case

O       Duly filled case frame.

O       Original bills, receipts, and release endorsement from the healing center.

O       Original bills from the drug store alongside the remedy.

O       Test reports from a pathologist alongside a note from the going to restorative specialist or specialist endorsing the test.

O       Nature of activity performed and specialist's bill and receipt.

O       Self-statement FIR on account of mishap cases.

O       Treating specialist's declaration.

14.     What is Star Health Insurance top up policy?

Super Surplus Insurance Policy is a best up policy offered by Star Health and Allied Insurance. The policy gives a high whole guaranteed at a moderate premium. Prior illnesses are secured following a 3-year holding up period. No pre-acknowledgment restorative test required. This policy can be acquired on individual and also floater premise.

15.     What are Star Health and Allied Insurance sans toll number?

Clients can contact Star Health and Allied Insurance on the local sans toll number for any help. The number will be recorded on the safety net provider's site.