Wells Fargo Routing Number : You should know before Transaction

If you want to know about Wells Fargo routing number, you first need to know about the Bank. Wells Fargo and Company is a renowned USA international banking & financial services holding organization. Headquarters of this bank are situated in California and Francisco. There are various branches of the bank throughout the country. It is considered as the second-largest financial organization or bank in the world by market capitalization. This also comes among the top 3 biggest banks in the United States by total assets. It was declared as the globe’s biggest bank in the year of 2015. It is also the second-biggest bank in home mortgage facilities, deposits and debit cards.

Along with Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup bank, Wells Fargo Bank is considered among the top 4 biggest banks in USA. As per the 2015 data, the Bank had about 8,700 retail official branches as well as 13,000 ATM machines. The Bank functions throughout 35 counties. It serves around 70 million users or customers globally.

Wells Fargo Bank Services

When it comes to unlocking the Wells Fargo bank routing number, you first need to know about the services of the same. Yes, you need to know about its services. Actually, there are basically three sections available to go with when it comes to unlocking Fargo Bank services i.e. personal, small business and commercial. If you want to use account services of any of the above-mentioned categories, you first need to register and login to the website of the Bank. So, let’s check out the Services of Wells Fargo Bank:

  • Banking

  • Loan and Credit

  • Insurance

  • Investing and Retirement

  • Wealth Management

  • Reward and Benefits

What Is Wells Fargo Routing Number?

Wells Fargo routing number or ABA number or Transit Number is a 9-digit number. It is used especially to detect financial institution or bank in a certain transaction. Most usual transaction types where a Wells Fargo routing number is used are wire and ACH transfers. Moreover, some credit unions and banks might have various routing numbers especially for serving different objectives, branches or geographical regions. This is the main reason why you should ensure whether you are using a right routing number or not especially before you initiate a fund transfer. For instance, if you want to perform transfer task at a Wells Fargo branch in united state and outside, you should look for the ABA number before initiating the transaction.

How to Find Wells Fargo Routing Numbers

There are various ways to find out credit union or bank routing number. If you are confused how to find Wells Fargo routing number, you should look at the chequebook. You can easily find out routing numbers on the bottom of cheque. Here, one point should be noted that different financial organizations or banks have different transit or routing numbers for paper and electronic transactions.

However, you can easily find out ABA Number or Routing Number online, but if you face difficulty, you can log into your online account to check correct routing number. If you are still confused on how to find Wells Fargo routing number or ABA transit Number, you should check out stated below table:

Wells Fargo ABA Routing Transect Number

We have listed region wise routing number of Wells Fargo bank. You can search and use for your region. It can also be found at the official website of the Bank, you can also search and find ABA number on www.wellsfargo.com . To know the same follow official link i.e https://www.wellsfargo.com/help/routing-number/.

Region/Postal AbbreviationRouting NumberRegion / PARouting Numbers
Alabama: AL062000080 New Hampshire: NH 121042882
Alaska: AK125200057 New Jersey: NJ 021200025
Arizona: AZ122105278 New Mexico: NM 107002192
Arkansas: AR111900659 New York: NY 026012881
California: CA121042882 North Carolina: NC 053000219
Colorado: CO102000076 Ohio: OH 041215537
Connecticut: CT021101108 Oklahoma: OK 121042882
Delaware: DE031100869 Oregon: OR 123006800
Florida: FL063107513 Pennsylvania: PA 031000503
Georgia: GA061000227 Rhode Island: RI 121042882
Hawaii: HI121042882 South Carolina: SC 053207766
Idaho: ID124103799 South Dakota: SD 091400046
Illinois: IL071101307 Tennessee: TN064003768
Indiana:IN074900275 Texas:TX  111900659
Iowa: IA073000228 Utah: UT 124002971
Kansas: KS101089292 Vermont: VT 121042882
Kentucky: KY121042882 Virginia: VA 051400549
Louisiana: LA121042882 Washington: WA 125008547
Mainne- ME 121042882 West Virginia: WV 121042882
Maryland: MD 055003201 Wisconsin: WI 075911988
Massachusetts: MA 121042882 Wyoming: WY 102301092
Michigan-MI 091101455 Washington D.C. 054001220
Minnesota: MN 091000019 Texas – El Paso 112000066
Mississippi: MS 062203751 American Samoa 121042882
Missouri: MO 121042882 North Mariana Islands 121042882
 Montana: MT 092905278 Puerto Rico 121042882
Nebraska: NE104000058 Virgin Islands 121042882
Nevada: NV321270742 American Forces Abroad 121042882

Having gone through aforesaid details, now, you must be capable of checking your Wells Fargo routing number. You may easily check a desired routing number from the above-given list. For instance, if you are looking for routing number of Georgia, Florida, California, Texas, Utah etc you can easily retrieve them from the above-mentioned list.