Chase Routing Number : Find Routing Transit Numbers by US Region

JPMorgan is doing financial business as renowned Chase Bank. It is a famous national bank that simply constitutes the commercial and consumer banking subsidiary of United States financial services and multinational banking holding organization, JPMorgan Chase. Chase Bank came into existence by its merger to famous Chase National Bank as well as the Manhattan Company in the year of 1955. Since it offers different types of useful banking and financial services, Customers of Bank should know about the Chase routing number to do the financial transaction. So, whether you are looking for routing number for Texas or somewhere else, you can easily do it by visiting at its official web portal i.e.

Chase Bank Services

The Bank provides up to 5,100 branches and about 16,000 ATM’s throughout the USA. With more than 250,355 employees it functions in around 100 countries throughout the world. The Bank presently has assets of about $2.49 trillion. Here, one point should be remembered that JPMorgan Chase, via its official subsidiary, is considered among the top four banks in USA.

Chase Routing Number

There is no doubt that transit number or routing number plays an important role when it comes to unlocking the benefits of this amazing bank. Therefore, knowing the chase routing number is essential. Whether you want to check routing transit number of  Texas or California or somewhere else, you first need to know what exactly a routing number is. So, let’s keep reading it.

Transit or Routing Number:

A bank check routing number or routing number is a nine digit code or number. It is usually used in the USA to ID the certain institution from which fund drawn. These numbers can also be referred as routing transit numbers or ABA. These numbers are used for several types of transactions such as wire transfer, electronic transfers, cheques, auto payments, direct depositing, and many more.

Do You Know Chase Wire Number?

Just like knowing the chase bank routing number, you also need to know about wire number. A wire transfer routing number or wire number is usually used to transfer money remotely into a bank account. People can easily wire fund into a certain Bank account provided that they have access to bank account number of a certain individual. If you want to get money transferred from one country to another country, you first need to know chase international wire transfer swift code. With the help of Bank, receive international wire transfer facility; you can easily get your fund transferred. But before unveiling the benefits of this wire transfer, you should first not forget to know the wire transfer fee.

Procedure to Check Chase Bank Routing Numbers:

You can easily check your transit or routing number. You can easily get these numbers online from the official website of the bank. If you are a chase liquid user or customer, you can easily find your routing and account number online. For this, you need to sign in or log into official site i.e. So, you need to follow stated below points.

  • First, you need to log into your account at

  • Here, you need to find out Customer Center option.

  • Click on this tab.

  • You will find SET UP DIRECT DEPOSIT option with a clickable link.

  • By clicking on the link, you will reach a new page.

  • Here, you need to choose region. For instance, if you want to check routing number Texas, you need to choose Texas as region option.

  • Now, hit the enter key, you will be able to check your chase routing number TX.

Region wise Chase Bank Routing Transit Number

If you find it difficult to obtain your chase bank routing number then don't get panic.  I have listed region wise Transit number below in the table. you may get your routing number here. By going through stated below transit or routing number list, you can easily choose a right number. So, let’s check chase Bank routing number online.

RegionRouting /Transit NumberRegionRouting / Transit Number
Arizona (AZ): 122100024 Michigan (MI) 072000326
California (CA) 322271627 Nevada (NV) 322271627
Colorado (CO)102001017New Jersey (NJ)021202337
Connecticut (CT) 021100361 New York (NY) -UP 021000021,
 Florida (FL) 267084131 Ohio (OH) 044000037
 Georgia (GA) 061092387 Oklahoma (OK) 103000648
 Idaho (ID) 123271978 Oregon (OR) 325070760
 Illinois (IL) 071000013 Texas (TX) 111000614
 Indiana (IN) 074000010 Utah (UT) 124001545
 Kentucky (KY) 083000137 Washington (WA) 325070760
Louisiana (LA)065400137West Virginia (WV)051900366
New York (NY) Down022300173Wisconsin (WI)075000019

 It is complete information about to know chase routing number. You may either go to the official website of the Bank or go through the Aforementioned list. If you decide to visit the official website, you can get information about routing number. If you want to know the bank routing number Texas, you can easily find out routing number TX in above list. Next read about citibank routing number.