UAN Member Portal – Registration, Activation and Login Process

Whether it is about checking current EPF status or availing additional benefits of EPFO India, you always need to know about UAN. If you want to use EPFO services, you first need to grab this number. If you want to grab this number, you first need to visit at UAN member portal. Are you still confused? If so, then you should check out stated below complete registration, activation and login process of UAN member site.

Know UAN or Universal Account Number

Universal account number or UAN is a genuine number. EPFO India offers UAN number to every employee who officially contributes to his or her EPF Scheme. It is impossible that two members have the same UAN. Here, one point should be noted that UAN doesn’t alternate whether an employee change his or her job or not. Moreover, you can easily transfer your EPF account balance with the help of this UAN number whenever you change your job.

Today, all the employees who deposit into their EPF have a unique UAN. In case of not being aware of it, you may get in touch with your employer. If you want to unlock the multiple benefits of UAN, you should activate it. You can complete the UAN number activation through the official UAN member website. Once you complete the activation of your UAN, you may be able to check your current PF balance through the UAN. Moreover, Universal Account number also makes the process of transferring EPF balance.

UAN Member Portal – What Are the Services

The official UAN portal is a significant site of the EPFO India. If you want to unveil EPF related features or services, you need to visit at

Now the question arises here what are the services that you can use through UAN member official portal? You can use stated below services.

  • You can easily verify your specific personal information.

  • Download official UAN card online.

  • You can download passbook.

  • You may easily check your previous and current EPF contribution.

  • With the help of UAN member site, you can submit or update your KYC information. For instance, you can update details regarding Aadhaar card, PAN and bank account.

What Should You Do to Avail EPF Services at UAN Portal?

If you want to enjoy EPF related solutions or services, you first need to log into your account on UAN member website or portal. For this, you first need to complete registration process. Once you complete registration, you need to activate your UAN number online.

What Is the Registration and Activation Process at UAN Portal?

If you are a first-time user at UAN member site, you first need to activate your UAN at the official portal. Let’s check out the complete activation and registration process of UAN at the official website.

  • Please visit at

  • Here, you need to search for the link “Activate UAN”.

  • You can find out this option just below the “login” area.

  • By clicking on “Activate UAN”, you will find an online form.

  • Here, you need to activate your own UAN by providing certain document details such as EPF member ID, UAN, PAN, and Aadhaar card.

  • Having chosen one of the aforementioned document options, you should not enter your date of birth, name, email address, and mobile number at given empty spaces.

  • Here, you should remember the fact that you always need to enter your mobile number, which is permanent. You may also use the same number to retrieve password in case of forgetting the same.

  • Once you complete aforesaid process, you will find a captcha code that you need to enter into given box.

  • You will also receive a PIN on your phone to authenticate your mobile number.

  • Now, click on declaration box, and then submit the online form.

  • Having submitted the details, you will find your date of birth, name, and other employer details on screen.

  • Now, kindly verify the details to create a password.

  • You must choose an alphanumeric password with minimum one special character and eight to twenty five characters long.

  • Some of the special characters are () #&@$*.

  • Provide your email address.

  • Now, you have completed your UAN registration as well as activation process.

  • You will also receive a confirmation SMS regarding the same.

  • Confirm it.

  • Now, you are ready to log into your UAN member website account.

UAN Member Portal – How to Login

If you want to log into UAN member official portal, you first need to have a user name and password. Your UAN number is actually your User ID. Moreover, you need to use the same password that you created at the time of UAN number activation. Let’s check out how to log into your UAN member website account online.

  • Kindly visit at the official web portal of UAN.

  • Visit at Log in page.

  • Enter your user name i.e. UAN number.

  • Enter your password

  • Click on submit option.

  • Now, you are in.

Once you complete your login process, you can be able to unveil the services available on your UAN member dashboard. Some of the key services are stated below.

  • Download – you can download UAN card and Member passbook from this option.

  • Previous Member-IDs – you can access to previous member IDs’ list and view current status.

  • Transfer Claim – you can check out transfer claim status, file transfer claim and yes system generated current transfer claim details.

  • Profile – you can edit your personal information, change your password, update your KYC details, edit email address, and yes edit your registered mobile number.

  • FAQs

  • Contact Us – You can access website, helpdesk number and helpdesk email.

What Are the UAN Member Portal Services or Tasks?

Once you log into your UAN member official site account, you can be able to unveil a range of services. Do you want to enjoy UAN member site services? If yes, then you can easily do it. Let’s check out stated below details on how to use a few UAN member web portal services.

UAN Passbook – How to Download

  • Visit at the official website of the UAN.

  • Click on log in page.

  • Enter your UAN number and password on given empty boxes.

  • On the “Dashboard”, you need to visit at “Download” option.

  • By clicking on “Download” option, you can see the passbook on display.

  • You may also find a link to download PDF version of the same passbook.

UAN Card – How to Download

  • First, you need to visit at the official website.

  • Click on log in page.

  • Enter your user name i.e. UAN number and password on given boxes.

  • On “Dashboard”, you need to find out “Download” option.

  • Click on “Download” option to find out “UAN CARD” option.

  • Here, you will find a link to download PDF version of “UAN Card” online.

  • You may also grab a print copy of the same.

Previous Member IDs’ Listing

With the help of UAN dashboard, you can easily list all previous EPF member IDs. This way, you can be able to check details of all previous EPF accounts at a single platform i.e. at UAN member portal. You may also determine the eligibility of internet PF transfer via this online listing. Here, one point should be noted that if the UAN of the last employment is similar, the last PF member ID automatically gets listed.

How to Change Email and Mobile Number through UAN Member Dashboard

There could be situations when you need to change your email address and mobile number. You must not forget changing your mobile number if you are going to stop using the existing number. With the help of UAN Dashboard, you can change your mobile number and email address with least effort. Let’s check out stated below step-by-step instructions on how to change your email address and mobile number through UAN Dashboard.

  • Open the official website of UAN.

  • Visit at login page.

  • Enter your UAN and certain password.

  • By clicking on submit option, you will reach at UAN Dashboard.

  • Click on “Profile Menu” option in UAN web portal.

  • Here, you will find “Edit Email Address/Edit Mobile Number” option.

  • Click on either of the options, and then you can change your mobile number or email address.

How to Update KYC Information/Details through UAN Member Portal

If you want to update your KYC detail, you can easily do it through the website of UAN member. Are you confused? Let’s check out stated below complete procedure of updating KYC details through UAN member site.

  • You first need to log into your account.

  • Click on PROFILE MENU option.

  • Here, you will find option UPDATE KYC INFORMATION.

  • Click on the same.

  • Here, you need to upload the scanned copy of new document.

  • Remember, the size of an uploaded document should not be more than 300 KB.

  • Moreover, your employer should not forget approving your updated KYC details.

  • If you do it without approval of your employer, your KYC status will display “PENDING”.

What Types of KYC Documents Can Be Updated through UAN Member Official Portal?

If you want to update your KYC document details, you can be able to update certain documents. Some of these KYC documents are stated below.


  • NPR (National Population Register)

  • PAN (Permanent Account Number)

  • Driving License

  • Ration Card

  • Election Card or Voter ID

  • ESIC Card

  • Passport

  • Bank account number

What Are the Advantages of Completing/Updating KYC Details/Process?

If you complete your KYC documents, you can be able to enjoy stated below benefits.

  • Hurdle-free EPF transfer.

  • Effortless withdrawal of PF balance.

  • You will receive monthly SMS details regarding your PF.

  • You can unveil great transparency in your account.

UAN Activation – Hidden Services at UAN Member Portal

Apart from aforementioned services, you may also grab a few hidden services at UAN member website after the activation of your UAN account. These services aren’t listed on the official UAN dashboard, but are available for all EPF members. Let’s check out them.

  • After activating your UAN account, you start receiving SMSs about current EPF balance and debits/credits to your EPF account online.

  • You may also avail the benefits of missed call service to check your PF balance.

  • Being an activated member, you can easily download EPF mobile application or app especially to track your EPF account on phone.

  • You can easily list all your current EPF accounts to a single platform.

What Are the Benefits of Aadhaar Enabled UAN?

As already mentioned above that you can easily upload your Aadhaar number or details via UAN member official portal, you can be able to unveil a new world of benefits. It is thoroughly suggested that you should first do the process as soon as you log into your current UAN account. Let’s check out the stated below benefits of an Aadhaar enabled Universal account number.

  • You are authorized to submit all the needed claims directly to EPFO India. In other words, you can withdraw your PF balance even without your employer signature.

  • You may also submit applications for all required EPFO services online.

  • Being an activated member, you don’t need to visit at employers to grab attestation from them.

What Is the Customer Care Number of UAN Member Website?

If you have queries or complaints regarding the site of UAN, you can easily get in touch with UAN customer care professionals. You may also send emails regarding the same to helpdesk at UAN Member site.

UAN Member website helpline number – 18001-18005

UAN Member official website helpdesk Email