How to Generate UAN Number – Step-by-Step Guideline

Whether you are working for a government department or a private corporate office, you always need to deal with an EPF account. Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is a responsible authority that arranges everything associated with PF. With effective from 1st of January, 2016, it is mandatory to have a UAN (Universal Account Number) for all PF related complaints, request for grievance service, representations, or claim forms for PF. This is the main reason why employees are looking for ways to generate this universal account number. Are you also among such individuals? If yes, then you should check out step-by-step guideline on how to generate UAN number. So, let’s keep reading it.

Why You Need to Generate UAN Number?

There could be various reasons when you may decide to generate Universal Account number online. But the most common reason is when an employer isn’t helping his employees in getting a UAN number. Thus, having seen employees struggling for their UAN number, EPFO decided to introduce an online system to create UAN. Now, you can easily be able to create, generate, or grab UAN number online. For this, you just need to go through a registration process. But here, you should remember one point that your employer still has all the KYC verification authority.

So What Is a UAN Number?

You might have heard a lot about UNIVERSAL ACCOUNT NUMBER or UAN, but you may not be aware of the same. If this is the case, you should understand that it is a unique identification number. EPFO, India issues this number to every employee in different organizations. Always remember, a universal number or UAN number is usually generated for every PROVIDENT FUND or PF account number at Employ Provident Fund Organization or EPFO, India. This number acts just like an umbrella for various member IDs officially allotted to each EPF account holder or employee. UAN is certainly the most significant number. Whether it is about fast transfer of your PF or PF portability, you always find UNIVERSAL ACCOUNT NUMBER a right choice to go with.

Complete Procedure of Registering, Generating and Activating UAN Number Online

If you want learn how to register, generate/create and activate your EPF UAN number online, you need to check out stated below complete procedure. Once you go through stated belwo instructions, you can easily register, generate and activate your UAN online.

How to Generate UAN Number

  • Kindly visit at the official website of EPFO, India.

  • By visiting on the Home page of the website, you need to look for a link “Citizen Services”.

  • You need to click on given “Registration for allotment of UAN” option.

  • By clicking on the aforesaid link, you will find an online form that you need to fill with certain details of you.

What Are Documents, Bank and Personal Details Needed for UAN Number?

  • You need to provide your email address and mobile number at the given spaces in the online form.

  • You need to provide KYC documents such as PAN number, Aadhar card number, Passport, voter ID card, etc.

  • Kindly don’t forget providing your personal details such as your full name, date of birth and other information.

  • You must also provide your bank details such as your bank account number as well as IFSC code.

  • You may also upload your signature and photograph online.

  • Once you complete the form, you need to select “Get Authorization PIN” option.

  • You will receive a PIN on your mobile number.

  • Now, you can easily activate your Universal Account Number online.

Who Can Generate UAN?

It is certainly a great question to ask. If this is also your question, you should understand that anyone can generate UAN even if they are not working or presently not a member of official EPF scheme.

Having gone through aforementioned procedure, now you must have learnt how to generate UAN number online.