HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card – Features, Advantages and Reward Points

There are different types of banks available in India that offer different types of credit cards, but the most significant one is HDFC Bank credit card. This bank is known for offering different types of credit cards keeping the specific financial requirements of contemporary credit card users in India. If you are looking for an amazing credit card with tons of features, advantages and amazing reward points, you should look nowhere else but HDFC Bank Infinia credit card. The best part of using this amazing credit card of HDFC bank is that you can easily get cash out of ATM.

What Are the Features/Specs of HDFC Infinia Credit Card?

Whether you are looking for SBI credit cards of HDFC credit cards, you first want to know about the features. You must want to choose a credit card that should come incorporated with tons of specs or features to unveil. If this is the case, Infinia can be a final choice for you to go with. Let’s check out the stated below features or specifications of Infinia credit card.


  • It comes with a credit limit of INR 200000. There is also a genuine pre-set spending limit or NPSL feature. So, you won’t need to worry of credit limit.

  • The membership of this card offers you great access to more than 600 premium national and international airport-lounges throughout the globe.

  • If you want to enjoy special offers at famous Taj resorts and hotels, it is the best credit card with great reward points system.

  • You can easily grab 5 reward points on making INR 150 through the card.

  • International travel insurance offers users accidental death insurance cover of INR 3 crore, credit cover of around 9 lakh and emergency health services shield of up to INR 50 lakh.

  • You can also access to round the clock concierge solutions or services that include reservation, information and referrals especially when it comes to business services, travel assistance, entertainment planning, and yes key city information.

What Are the Benefits of HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card?

However, usually most of the HDFC credit cards come incorporated with plenty of benefits to enjoy, but this one is certainly outstanding. So, have a detailed look at given below key benefits of using Infinia credit card.

  • Round the clock HDFC customer support is available for cardholders to grab guidance and financial assistance.

  • You can also unveil the benefits of 50-days of credit period with no interest charges.

  • Users can enjoy the benefits of low interest rate of about 1.99%/month especially when the existing balance is carried over the upcoming month.

  • There is 40% limit for cash withdrawal. Users don’t need to pay for cash withdrawal charges.

  • You may also enjoy waiver for purchasing fuel between INR 400 to INR 40000 throughout the fuel pumps in the country.

  • Infinia credit card of HDFC also offers the lowest markup charge of only 2% on foreign currency transactions.

  • You can grab discounts on laundry, telephone, business centre solutions, and yes Jiva Spas at renowned Taj Hotels as well as resorts throughout India.

What Is the Joining Fee for HDFCE Infinia Credit Card?

  • INR 30000

What Is Annual Renewal Membership Fee for Infinia Credit Card?

  • INR 10000

What Is Interest Rate/Charge for Revolving Balances?

  • 1.99%/month

What Are the Charges for Infinia Credit Card Foreign Currency Mark-up?

  • You need to pay only 2 percent of total transaction amount.

How You Can Redeem Reward Points for Your HDFC Bank Credit Card?

Users can enjoy reward points for their every transaction they use. There is a very long list of products or services against which users can redeem reward points. If you want to enjoy great discounts on buying tickets from top airline carriers in India, you can select to redeem reward points. You can redeem the reward points either through phone banking or online banking services.

How to Get Supplementary Cards for Your Family Members?

  • Users can unveil the benefits of 3 add-on HDFC Infinia credit card for their relatives. For instance, spouse, siblings and children between 18 to 70 years of age.

Eligibility Criteria for Grabbing Infinia Credit Card

HDFC Bank Infinia credit card is a kind of invitation-only card. So, by contacting at HDFC customer care, you can find out detailed information.

What Is the Credit Shield Insurance for Infinia Credit Card?

in death situations, the amount of Indinia credit card would be INR 9 lakh.

Can I Withdraw Cash From ATMs Using My HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card?

The simplest answer to this most asked question is a big yes. Yes, you can easily withdraw cash from ATMs using your Infinia credit card. Moreover, you don’t need to pay extra charges for the same. Do you want to know more about credit cards in India? If yes, then you should keep visiting our website. Keep visiting at Finance Threat if you want to know about best credit cards in India such as JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World credit card, HDFC Bank Regalia credit card and other top HDFC Bank credit cards.