EPF balance enquiry – How to Check EPF Account Status and PF Balance

There is great buzz regarding EPF or PF balance check. People want to learn how to check their EPF balance or PF account status whether online or offline. There could be various methods available to go with when it comes to checking epf balance – from online pf balance check to missed call service of EPF balance enquiry. If you are confused on how to check your retirement fund online, you should know about available methods for checking pf status online or offline. Are you still confused? If yes, then you should keep reading stated below points on how to check EPF account status and PF balance.

What Is EPF?

Before, you get involved into the process of learning how to check your pf or epf balance online or offline, you should first know what exactly epf is. Actually, it is a kind of savings. Employees and employers contribute certain amount of money on monthly basis to create a fund called epf. It is meant to your retirement. EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) may help you learning more about the same.

EPF balance enquiry – What Are the Methods

There was a time when checking epf balance or pf account status used to be a tough task to accomplish. Since there were only a few limited options available to check to epf account status, employees found it a hard nut to crack when it comes to enquiring about the epf balance. But now, it has become possible to check your epf balance easily as there are total 7 methods available to conduct EPF balance enquiry.

7 Methods of Checking EPF Balance

  1. Check your epf account status through monthly SMS update. For this, you need to go through the registration process at official UAN website. Once you get registered on the portal, you can be able to receive monthly EPF account balance or status details through SMS.

  2. Use EPF passbook to check your pf account status. For this, you need to visit at the official web portal of UAN. Here, you can easily download your EPF account details or statement.

  3. You may also download epf passbook by visiting at member portal. You can easily find out authentic link at the member portal to download passbook.

  4. By giving a missed call, you can be able to check your epf account status. But for this facility, you first need to go through the UAN registration process.

  5. You can also send an SMS to grab pf account status. This method works just like missed call service for performing EPF balance enquiry.

  6. You can also download mobile app for checking your epf balance or pf account status on mobile phone.

  7. You can check pf balance online. It is certainly the swiftest method of checking EPF balance.

Which Is the Best Method to Check EPF Account Status?

All the aforementioned seven methods are great to check your epf balance statement. You may choose any of the abovementioned methods to grab details of your pf balance.

Let’s have a detailed look at the top 7 methods of checking PF balance or EPF account status.

UAN for Checking PF Balance

If you want to know your EPF account balance status instantly, you should look nowhere else but at UAN. UAN (Universal Account Number) is a specific number provided to every member of EPF (Employees Provident Fund). Here, one point should be noted that this unique number i.e. UAN number never change with your new job. It means that your UAN number remains the same irrespective of your job changes. For grabbing this number, you need to visit at official UAN member portal.

However, UAN portal offers various facilities to its members, but the greatest advantage of this portal is that it regularly updates EPF balance. Once you activate your account with UAN portal, you will always receive SMSs regarding your PF balance every month. You may also grab complete details about your current PF balance. Since it is an automated procedure, you don’t need to browse through internet. If you want to grab your monthly pf balance statement, you should look nowhere else but UAN portal.

Check PF Balance through PF Passbook  

Yes, you can easily check your pf details using UAN member portal. It is certainly a great facility, which is being offered by UAN portal. Downloading PF passbook from UAN portal can help you grabbing detailed information about your account. Some of the key details you grab through the passbook are listed below.

  • Details of PF contribution of monthly basis.

  • Complete details of employer’s PF contribution on monthly basis.

  • Employer’s officially contribution to employee pension scheme.

  • Existing EPF account balance.

So, you can be able to grab complete information about PF account through a PF passbook. If you want to download the passbook, you need to visit at the official portal of UAN. Here, you first need to get your UAN account activated. Once you get your account activated, you can be able to log into the site. Here, you can easily download the EPF passbook.

Procedure of Downloading PF Passbook through UAN Portal

Before the officially launching of UAN portal, EPF member portal was considered as the best option to go with when it comes to downloading the PF passbook. There is no doubt this member portal comes with effortless features. So, you can easily use this portal for performing different types of tasks.

  • In case of forgetting your UAN password, you may easily be able to reset it using UAN web portal.

  • You don’t need to provide extra information to download passbook. You can easily download the passbook by entering your PF number.

  • If you want to perform EPF balance enquiry through the official member portal, you first need to go through the registration process.

  • You should provide your KYC to complete your registration.

  • Candidates i.e. you don’t need to have a specific password to log into UAN portal.

  • You may simply log into your account by entering your mobile number or KYC document number.

  • Once you may log in, you can easily download your PF passbook. For this, you just need to provide your pf number. You will receive an OTP on your mobile number. Just confirm it and complete your registration process.

Missed Call Service for EPF balance enquiry

If you are looking for easiest, swiftest and completely effortless method to check your pf account balance through phone, you need to look nowhere else but missed call service for checking epf account statement. For this, you just need to give a missed call to 011 2290 1406 to check your pf balance on your phone. Once you give a missed call, you will receive an SMS containing the details of your latest EPF balance. In other words, you simply need to call at aforementioned number. You will receive a message from EPFO containing certain details. The received SMS will provide you given below details.

  • Date of birth

  • UAN

  • Last contribution

  • KYC status

  • PF balance

Note – Missed call service is useful for checking your date of birth. You may check whether your DOB is correct or not.

How to Check EPF Balance Through EPF Mobile App

There is certainly great buzz about cashless payment methods in India. By downloading mobile payment apps, people can easily enjoy cashless economy in India. The same technology is also useful when it comes to checking EPF balance using an EPF mobile app. You will not only be able to check your epf balance through this app, but also activate your UAN account. Employers and employees can use the same EPF mobile app to access desired information. Pensioners can easily check their EPF pension status using this mobile app. Let’s check out the process of checking epf account status using epf mobile app.

  • First, you need to activate your UAN account via UAN portal.

  • You may also complete the activation process through the epf mobile application.

  • Open the software.

  • Enter your registered cell number and UAN.

  • Click on Next option.

  • You will have your epf account details.

Where to Download EPF Mobile App

If you want to download EPF mobile app, you need to visit at the official website of EPFO. You may also download EPF mobile app from Google Play Store.

How to Check EPF Account Balance through SMS

However, it is just like missed call facility to check epf balance, but the difference is that you may grab pf balance details in your own language. When aren’t able to avail the benefits of missed call service, you can unveil the power of SMS service to check your pf balance on phone. Do you want to learn how to do EPF balance enquiry through SMS? If yes, then you should go through stated below procedure.

  • Type in capital letters – EPFOHO UAN ENG

  • You may also choose other language such as Hindi by typing HIN.

  • Now, you need to send this SMS to 7738 299 899.

  • You will receive your current epf account balance on your mobile phone through an SMS.

How to Check EPF Account Balance Online

However, it is the oldest method of checking pf balance, but still it is the most effective option to go with. So, if you want to check your epf account balance online, you should go with this option. Let’s go through stated below complete procedure of checking EPF balance online.

  • Fist, you need to visit at the official website of EPFO.

  • Here, you need to choose your EPFO office from the given drop down list.

  • Once you click on your EPFO office, you will reach at a new page.

  • Here, you need to enter your PF account number.

  • You may also leave the given extension field blank if you don’t have one.

  • Provide your mobile number and pf account number at given empty boxes.

  • Click on submit option.

  • You will receive an SMS containing details to cater your EPF balance enquiry.