Bank Of India Gold (VISA)

Bank Of India Gold (VISA) - 10

The Bank of India always offers excellent financial services and products to its customer. Now it comes with Bank Of India Gold (VISA)Best Credit Cards in India will tell you about its benefits.

One of the leading commercial banks of India, the Bank of India comes with beneficiary Bank Of India Gold (VISA). By using this valuable credit card, you can access various services as well as products. This card contains bundle of significant features and advantages. This VISA card allows you to buy various products and services at very discountable prices. We at Best Credit Cards in India has reviewed this beneficiary card and found that majority of people are using this card to access different services as well as products.

How to apply for a Bank Of India Gold (VISA)

If you want to apply for this valuable credit card then you need to follow stated below steps.

Ø      First, visit the official web portal of the bank and download an application form.
Ø      Now fill this application form with appropriate information such as your name, residence address, date of birth, email address, permanent account number (pan card number), occupation and one mobile or landline number.
Ø      Once your application would be accepted, you need to visit the nearest branch of Bank of India along with certain documents including your income proof, address proof, identity proof, copy of pan card , last six months bank statement etc.

Eligibility criteria for applying for Bank Of India Gold (VISA)

Stated below are the eligibility criteria for applying for this beneficiary credit card.

Ø      At the time of applying for this card, your age should be between 21 years to 65 years.
Ø      You should be a citizen of India.
Ø      Your annual income should not be less than INR 150,000.
Ø      You need to show your income related documents such as salary certificates, form 16, Pan card etc.

Additional benefits and features of Bank Of India Gold (VISA)

The added advantages/benefits and features of this beneficiary card are stated below.

Ø      Bank Of India Gold (VISA) comes with international coverage
Ø      It offers you add-on card facility
Ø      It comes with internet based access
Ø      It offers global emergency help facility
Ø      It comes with air accident insurance coverage of more than INR 800,000
Ø      It also offers you other accident insurance coverage up to INR 400,000
Ø      Facility of emergency credit card replacement is available.
Ø      It comes with the facility of up to 51 days credit period free from interest charge.

Late fee charges

Ø      Late payment fee would be INR 100 for minimum due amount of INR 1,000.

Information about extended credit limits

If you want to increase your card’s credit limit then first you need to submit your latest income documents to nearest branch of Bank of India. your card’s credit limit would be extended 20% of your annual income or minimum INR 30,000 and maximum INR 200,000.

Transaction charges for Bank Of India Gold (VISA)

The transaction charges for Bank Of India Gold (VISA) are stated below.

Ø      Transaction charge for cash advance withdrawal would be 2% or minimum INR 50 for every transaction.
Ø      Penalty interest fee would be 1.70% per month or 22.45% per year.
Ø      Over limit fee for this card would be INR 100 for every transaction.
Ø      Transaction charge for the foreign currency would be only 2%.

If you want to apply for a Bank Of India Gold (VISA) then you need to visit at