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Royal Bank of Scotland New Gold Card - Eligibility Criteria, Features, Advantages, Credit Limits

The most reputed financial organization of the world, Royal Bank of Scotland comes with Royal Bank of Scotland New Gold Card. By using this amazing credit card, you will get the benefits of great purchasing power. The card allows you to hold an extra ordinary purchasing power to buy various products as well as services. The attractive features of this credit card cannot be found in other cards. We at Best Credit Cards in India has reviewed this credit card and found it an exceptional choice.

How to apply for a Royal Bank of Scotland New Gold Card

For applying Royal Bank of Scotland New Gold Card, you need to follow stated below points such as –
Ø  For getting this card, you should first visit the official web portal of the bank and then download an application form.
Ø  After downloading the application form, fill it with certain information such as your full name, your date of birth, email address, home address, PAN card number, income details and one valid mobile or landline number.
Ø  Once your application would be approved, you need to visit the nearest branch along with required documents such as your address proof, identity proof, income proof, bank statement etc.

Eligibility criteria for applying for Royal Bank of Scotland New Gold Card

The eligibility criteria for applying for Royal Bank of Scotland New Gold Card are stated below.
Ø  Applicant should be between 21 years to 65 years of age.
Ø  Applicant should be an Indian citizen.
Ø  The annual income of the applicant should not be less than 350,000.
Ø  Applicant needs to show his/her valid income proof at the time of applying.
Ø  Applicant should have an account in Royal Bank of Scotland.

Additional features and advantages

The added features as well as benefits of Royal Bank of Scotland New Gold Card are stated below.

Ø  By using this valuable card, you will be given attractive reward schemes as well as offers.
Ø  You need not to pay fuel surcharge if you purchased fuel for INR 10, 000 per month.
Ø  You will be given email statement service and SMS alerts facility.
Ø  You will be given high-level security.
Ø  You can access more than 23 million ATMs worldwide.

Late fee charges

The late fee charges for this beneficiary credit card would be 15% of complete due amount or minimum INR 350 and maximum INR 650.

Information about extended credit limits

For extending credit limit of this card, you need to visit the nearest Royal Bank of Scotland’s branch and submit your updated income related documents. Bank will review your application and your card’s credit limit would be extended.

Transaction charges for Royal Bank of Scotland New Gold Card

The transaction charges or fees for this valuable credit card are stated below.

Ø  Foreign currency transaction charges would be 3.5%
Ø  Surcharge on purchasing railway tickets would be 1.8% of railway ticket amount as well as IRCTC service tax.
Ø  Transaction charge for cash withdrawal would be INR 75 per transaction.
Ø  Finance transaction charges would be 1.49% per month or 17.88% per annum.

If you are willing to know more about it or want to apply for Royal Bank of Scotland New Gold Card then you need to visit at

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