Delhi Metro Citibank Credit Card

Delhi Metro Citibank Credit Card 


Now Citibank comes with Delhi Metro Citibank Credit Card that allows you to enjoy journey in Delhi Metro. We at Best Credit Cards in India will inform you about its features and benefits.

This time, Citibank has launched a two-in-one credit card that allows you to get attractive discounts for Delhi metro. Delhi Metro Citibank Credit Card comes with many advantages and amazing features. By using this credit card, you can get reward points that can be used for fee rides in Delhi Metro. The renowned Best Credit Cards in India has reviewed it and found that majority of Indians is using this card to avail the attractive discounts for Delhi metro.

How to apply for a Delhi Metro Citibank Credit Card

If you are going to apply online for this two-in-one credit card then you need to follow stated below points.

Ø      For applying for this card, you need to visit its authorised web portal and download an application form.
Ø      Now you need to fill this application form with appropriate information such as your full name, date of birth, residence address, email address, one valid landline or mobile number, PAN card number and occupation.
Ø      When you submit the application form, bank official will call you for further processing.
Ø      Having been called by the bank officials, you need to visit the nearest branch along with required documents such as your income proof, address proof, ID proof, copy of PAN card and last three months bank statement.

Eligibility criteria for applying for Delhi Metro Citibank Credit Card

Stated below are the eligibility criteria for applying for this two-in-one credit card.

Ø      At the time of applying for Delhi Metro Citibank Credit Card, your age should be between 21 years to 65 years.
Ø      Only Indian citizen can apply for this credit card.
Ø      You have to fulfil income criteria as per the requirement of Citibank.

Additional advantages and features

Stated below are the main attractive features as well as benefits of Delhi Metro Citibank Credit Card.

Ø      It is a Metro and a Citibank credit card rolled into single card.
Ø      You can cash reward points for free Metro rides.
Ø      You can use this card for travelling in Delhi metro as well as at up to 14 million establishments across the world.
Ø      You will be given exciting discounts at various brands such as Dominos Pizza, VLCC, and Fun cinemas, Bercos, RPG cellcon and many more.

Late fee charges

Late fee charges for this card are stated below.

Ø      INR 300 for due bills from more than INR 10,000
Ø      INR 600 for due bills from INR 10,001 to INR 25,000
Ø      INR 700 for due amount above INR 25000

Details regarding extended credit limits

If you want to exceed your card’s credit limit then you should visit the nearest Citibank’s branch along with your latest bank or income documents. Bank official will reassess your documents and will extend credit limit.

Transaction charges for Delhi Metro Citibank Credit Card

The transaction charges for this valuable credit card are stated below.

Ø      Transaction charge for foreign currency would be 3.5%
Ø      Service charge or interest rate would be 3.5% per month or 42% per year.
Ø      Transaction charge for cash advance would be 2.0% or minimum INR 300
Ø      Exceeded credit limit fee would be 2.5% or minimum INR 500
Ø      Transaction charge for fuel would be 2.5%

If you want to apply for Delhi Metro Citibank Credit Card then you can browse at

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