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Description: As other nationalized banks are also providing credit cards, Syndicate Bank is also providing Syndicate Global Classic Credit Card which is effective for the customers and many satisfied customers are also mentioning their feedback on Best Credit Cards in India .

There are various nationalized banks which are offering latest facilities to their customers so that they can have satisfaction while banking with them. In this context, one of the most accredited banks Syndicate Bank, which is commonly from South India, is also offering its latest features that include credit cards and online banking. In the context of credit cards, they are offering Syndicate Global Classic Credit Card. It is coming with various facilities through which a person may get benefits. These credit cards are acceptable in all parts of the world and because of their specialty, the customers, who are using them are commenting good feedback about the credit card on Best Credit Cards in India .

How to apply for Syndicate Global Classic Credit Card:
The process for applying to get this credit card is simple and authentic. Here are the processes listed below:
  • A person may go to the branch located near to him of Syndicate Bank and fill up the application form for the purpose.
Documents Required:
He must also visit the branch with all his documents through which he may apply for the credit card.

Eligibility Criteria:
  There are various provisions and after their fulfillment, a person may get able to get the Syndicate Global Classic Credit Card:
  • Candidate must be the Indian Resident.
  • He must be having an age of 21 years from 65 years in case of self employed person and his annual salary must be Rs.100000.
  • If he is a salaried person then his age must be between 21 years to 60 years and his total annual income must be Rs.60000.
  • If he is a retired person or pensioner then his age must not exceed maximum of 75 years and his annual income must be Rs.60000.
  • He must have all the documents with him like residence proof, Pan Card and other documents that are necessary to fill the application from.
If a person is having all these things with him, he may apply for the Syndicate Global Classic Credit Card.

Advantages/ Benefits for the customers with this card:
There are numerous of benefits available for the customers who are using the Syndicate Global Classic Credit Card. They are enjoying them everywhere as they are providing the regular benefits:
  • A person may book his ticket for railways, airlines or for ant other services through the use of their credit cards.
  • They can swipe it for paying cash through them in any of the departmental store or in supermarkets available in the country.
  • It is also applicable for retail sectors as a person may pay his cash through this means anywhere.
  • He can also get cash through various ATMs located in the country either domestic or international.
  • Balance transfer is also possible if a customer is having Syndicate Global Classic Credit Card.
  • Low finance charge of 2 percent is also available which is calculated on monthly basis.
  • Free accident cover is also available for a person if he is using this credit card.

Interest Charges:
 There are various interests that are charged on various things if a person is using the Syndicate Global Classic Credit Card. These interest charges are listed below:
·         Interest charges are free for the first 50 days after issue of the credit card.
·         If a cardholder is redeeming 500 points, rs.0.50 paisa will be charged from the applicant. TDS is also applicable.
·         Entrance fee is free for the cardholder. However, he must have to pay the renewal fee of Rs.200 for primary card and Rs.150 for add on cards.
·         Service tax is also applicable at 10.30 percent which is charged on every transaction from the customers.

Late fees:
There are no late fees charged from the customers who are using this Syndicate Global Classic Credit Card. They can use it for a long time in that manner.


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