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Description: Credit cards are now a day’s trend and The American express is following that trend and providing the American Express Platinum Card about which people are talking well on Best Credit Cards in India.

Credit cards are the need of people for today. They are using them as the non cash item just to pay the bills, and for various other purposes. In this way, all the banks are providing credit cards. In this context, American Express bank launched its credit card as American Express Platinum Card. This credit card is coming with enormous features that are helping the people in making transactions in a short span of time. Most of those customers, who are using them, are submitting their positive response at the website Best Credit Cards in India.   

How to apply for the American Express Platinum Card:
There are very simple steps through which a person may apply for this credit card:
  • A person must go to the nearest branch of American Express and fill up the application form for the purpose of getting the credit card.
Documents Required:
He must carry all kinds of documents which are required for the purpose like residential proof and his identity card along with other documents.

Eligibility Criteria:
Thos who are applying for the American Express Platinum Card must need to get eligible through certain ways:
  • A person must have attained the age of 21 years and not more than 60 years in case of a salaried person. If he is a self employed person then he must have the age between 21 years to 65 years.
  • He must have all the valid documents like Income Tax Returns, Salary slips and other related documents.

Advantages/Benefits after using this credit card:
There are certain benefits associated for a person if he uses the facilities through American Express Platinum Card:
·         If a person is booking a travel online at then he may get 2 times reward points on his credit card.
·         Special amenities and treatment will be given to a person if he taking services at boutiques, restaurants, hotels which are registered through this credit card.
·         One may also donate his points as the charity.
·         One may also purchase merchandise, and other products from 500 brands.
·         Enjoy a companion free ticket access if booking in a Business Class through American Express Platinum Card.
·         Travel accident insurance of $500, 000 is also available to a person if he taking benefits through this card.
·         Enjoy at those events or parties where general public is not having invitation through the use of this credit card.

Interest Charges:
There are interests that are to be charged with the use of American Express Platinum Card. These interest charges are listed below:
·         For Annual membership fees, a person have to pay $450 is charged from the people. They have to pay nothing for the Foreign Transactions through the means of this card. 
·         There are no joining fees that a person has to pay for the credit card.
·         A transaction fee of 3.5 percent and minimum of Rs.250 will be charged from the customers as cash advance fee.
·         Duplicate State Fee will be Rs.100 for every last 3 months statements.
·         Record of Charge fee will be Rs.100.
·         Cash Withdrawal limit for the American Express Platinum Card holder in India is Rs.25000 for every 14 days and in foreign countries, it will be US$750 per 14 days.
·         Service Taxes will also be charged in the same sense as they are applicable of the purchase of a product or on booking a ticket.

Apply Online:
A person may apply online for getting the American Express Platinum Card through following link:


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