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Description: as credit cards are common in use among the people, HDFC launched HDFC Woman’s Gold Credit Card and it is having great features about which people are talking on Best Credit Cards in India.

There are large numbers of financial institutions which are serving the customers with latest features and that also include the facility of credit card. These credit cards are helpful in most of those areas where a person is not having sufficient amount of cash with him. Among those several institutions, HDFC is also serving with the same thing and it introduces credit cards for women as HDFC Woman’s Gold Credit Card. Most of the benefits they can get through this and one can also get good comments on Best Credit Cards in India.    

How to apply for HDFC Womans Gold Credit Card:
There are certain options and steps through which a woman can get this credit card:
  • A woman must go to the nearest branch of HDFC and can fill up the application from for this purpose.

Documents Required:

  • She must have to deposit her other documents like residential proof, Pan Card, driving license, etc.

Eligibility Criteria:
There are certain rules that a woman must have to apply to get eligible for the HDFC Womans Gold Credit Card:

  • She must have attained the age of 21 years and not exceed more than 60 years if she is employed in an organization.
  • If she is a self employed then her age must not exceed more than 65 years.
  • She must have her latest documents that include salary slip, other documents in case of self employed.

If a woman is having all these things, she is capable to get the HDFC Womans Gold Credit Card.

Advantages/Benefits of using this Credit Card:
There are certain benefits which a woman can get through HDFC Womans Gold Credit Card:
  • There are certain benefits like welcome benefit of 1 point on spending of Rs.150 will be given to the women if the amount crosses Rs.20000, a woman may get additional points on it like 1.5 points on Rs.150.
  • More traveling options are available with the HDFC Womans Gold Credit Card as a woman can travel through domestic and international flights to various destinations.
  • Fuel surcharges are waived for a woman from any of the petrol pump if filling goes not beyond Rs5000.
  • Interest free period ranges for 50 days after getting the HDFC Womans Gold Credit Card.
  •  One woman may also add some other people through some other cards too.
  • Their credit cards are accepted in all the stores and on other places around the world.

Interest Rates:
Those women who are using HDFC Womans Gold Credit Card for purchasing any thing and for billing, they are having low interest rates. These interest rates are listed below:
  • Joining fees that is the fees that is required to get the credit card is Rs.199.
  • Additional credit card is free for lifetime.
  • Fuel surcharges are also waived if the petrol prices are between Rs.400 to Rs.5000.
  • HDFC Womans Gold Credit Card is coming with one benefit that the interest free period ranges for first 50 days after getting the card.  
  • Processing fees is Rs.50 for depositing cash in any branch of HDFC and also in ATMs.
  • Reissue of card will charge a person Rs.100.

Late Fess:
Most of the women use to take cash on credit for a long time and due to some reason they skip to deposit it on time. Through having this HDFC Womans Gold Credit Card they may get benefit that the late fees can go down. There will be no late fees if the cash is up to Rs.100. if it exceeds its limit to Rs.500, Rs.100 will be charged as the late fees. Fine will also increase to Rs.400 if the cash goes to Rs.5000. here, the increment will happen in fine of Rs.500if the payment due goes to Rs.20000. if the payment exceeds the limit of Rs.20000, fine of Rs.700 will be charged.

Apply Online:
Women can also apply for HDFC Womans Gold Credit Card online as well by following the link:


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