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Description: HDFC here is giving out special Platinum credit card meant only for special people that carries many features as well as benefits. Here at Best Credit Cards in India, we are commenting on it and telling our readers necessary details about HDFC Doctors Platinum Credit Card.
Time is money and people do not have patience to lose it that easily these days. Seeing that doctors are the most busy people in this category, HDFC is giving out them facility of carrying HDFC Doctors Platinum Credit Card. This card helps doctors save both their time as well as money and gives them a series of services. Best Credit Cards in India reviews tell us that this is one quality service of theirs that is multifunctional and also carries various useful offers on them. 
How to apply for HDFC Doctors Platinum Credit Card:
In order, to get their hands on these cards, a doctor has to follow just few steps.
  • Doctors must apply for this card in nearest branch of HDFC by filling an application form of this card and its subsequent submission.
Documents Required:
  • Also submission of other necessary documents along with this application form is mandatory. Documents required here generally are residential proof, pan card and many other such specifications. Along with these documents, one also ought to submit necessary fees or charges.
Eligibility Criteria:
For application of this HDFC Doctors Platinum Credit Card, there are some eligibility criteria. If a person is eligible under these criteria then only he can apply for this card.
  • Person applying for this card must be a doctor.
  • If doctor is salaried then he must come in the age bar from 21-60 years.
  • If doctor applying is self-practicing, then that doctor must come under age bar of 21-65 years.
Doctors can apply for HDFC Doctors Platinum Credit Card at the nearest branch.
Advantages that a person may avail:
After availing HDFC Doctors Platinum Credit Card, a doctor gets various benefits as well as services.
  • Doctors get welcome as well as renewal benefit on these cards of 2000 and 1000 points of reward respectively.
  • Doctors even do not have to worry about fuel surcharge at Rs.5000 and Rs.400 fuel surcharge.
  • From this card’s purchase date, a doctor gets 50 days that are interest free. On normal days, doctor does even get 3.15% revolving credit per month.
Additional Benefits that a person may get:
Additional benefits given by HDFC Doctors Platinum Credit Card are:
·         On dining out, a person gets in total of 50% extra reward points on this card.
·         If this card gets lost then after its loss reporting to call centre, a doctor gets zero liability at fraudulent transactions.
·         This card can either be swiped or also be dipped.
Interest Rates:
  • This card takes an annual or renewal fee of only Rs.1499 and no additional fees on it.
  • Charges of revolving credit here from date of transaction are just 3.15% pm that amounts to be 37.8% annually.
  • Charges of cash advance here lie to be 2.5%.
  • On purchase of railway ticket from it, extra charge of Rs.30 plus transaction amount’s 2.5% is taken.
Late Fees:
With this HDFC Doctors Platinum Credit Card, late charges of payment lie from Rs.100 to Rs.700. These charges apply from statement balance of Rs.100-Rs.20000 and more.
Apply Online:
One may also apply online by following the link:


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