HDFC Visa Value Plus Credit Card:-
Description: With new HDFC Visa Value Plus Credit Card life becomes so easy. That is a big reason why everybody is talking about HDFC Visa Value Plus Credit Card at Best Credit Cards in India.
Credit cards are new way of making purchase on credit or else it can be said that they are a modern or digitalized way of making purchase. Every bank provides many types of credit cards and in this series HDFC launches HDFC Visa Value Plus Credit Card which allows a better experience of credit card with its great benefits and features. And that is why it attracts more and more people towards it at Best Credit Cards in India.

How To Apply for HDFC Visa Value Plus Credit Card:-
Anyone can excess through HDFC Visa Value Plus Credit Card by following given steps:
  • He must have to fill application form which is available at every branch of HDFC bank.

Documents Required:

  • He must have to avail documents required by bank and have to do certain formalities.
  • You have to submit your pan card/driving license for address proof and identity proof.
  • You have to avail all the documents whenever asked by bank.

Eligibility Criteria:
Anyone can access through HDFC Visa Value Plus Credit Card but , he has to follow given eligibility criteria :–
  • For Salaried Employee, eligibility  is as:
                 Minimum age 21 years
                 Maximum age 60 years
  • For Self-Employed Person, eligibility is as :
               Minimum Age 21 years
               Maximum Age 65 years

Advantage with HDFC Visa Value Plus Credit Card:-
The cardholder will get some exclusive features and benefits with his HDFC Visa Value plus Credit Card On every transaction you will get some reward points which can be redeemed for different purposes.
  • It has worldwide acceptance.
  • It allows you to avail 5% cash back on retail spend.
  • It allows you to avail 5% cash back on Railway, Hospitals, Medical stores and 1.50% on Grocery, Dept Stores, Supermarket, Restaurants.
  • It allows you to withdraw cash up to 10% of your credit card limit.
  • Its customer care helpline is opened 24 hours so anyone can solve his query anytime.
  • It allows zero liability on any transaction made by your lost card after reporting it to 24-hour call center.
  • It allows safe and secure transactions.

Additional Benefits that a person may get:-
  • It allows you to avail up to 50 interest free days from the date of purchase.
  • You can transfer your balance on your existing credit card to HDFC bank.
  • It allows you to avail a loan against your HDFC Bank Visa Value Plus Credit Card.
  • It allows you to pay in Easy Monthly Installments (EMI).
  • It allows you to earn regular reward points even on EMI transactions.

Charges on Over Limit:-
On over limit of credit card, Bank will charge 2.5%   of over limit amount.

Late payment:-
In case of late payment on HDFC Visa Value Plus Credit Card, a person may not have to pay any fee if his due amount is less than Rs100. From Rs100 till Rs.500, he has to pay Rs.100 as late fees. From Rs.501 to Rs.5000, he has to pay Rs.400 as late fees, and from Rs.5001 to Rs.20000, Rs.500 will be the late fees. Above Rs.20000, Rs.700 will be the late fees.
 Apply online:
One can also apply online through the means of following the link:


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