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Description: With the change in technology in this modern era Kotak Mahindra is also serving their clients with their new schemes like Kotak Mahindra Trump Gold Card which is available on Best Credit Cards in India .
To satisfy customers in this rising global market, it has been important for every banking industry to be updated according to the developing changes. In the same way Kotak Mahindra bank is serving customers with new changes which are best suitable according to these changes. One of these is Kotak Mahindra Trump Gold Card. Their feature’s updates with their revealing feedbacks are made available on Best Credit Cards in India . These are just to be assured about the popularity.
How to Apply:
To be a part of the Kotak Mahindra Trump Gold Card it is necessary to apply for that membership. For this, it is necessary to follow some steps:
  • First of all visit to the near most branch of respective bank to apply for credit cards.
  • Ask for the application form related to the same.
Documents Required:
  • Submit the necessary documents which will be proof of your identification like PAN card, any address proof like electricity bill or any other document. 
After the verification of the given documents one will be able to avail Kotak Mahindra Trump Gold Card.
Eligibility Criteria:
  • One who is holder of Primary Card must be above 21 years and that of AA- on Holder must be above 18 years.
  • One who is applying for the credit card must have minimum of Rs.1.8 lakh as their yearly income.
  • The most important condition is that he/ she must be a resident of India.
  • There is an important need of having all the related documents needed while filling the application form for credit cards.
Above all steps make a person eligible for applying for Kotak Mahindra Trump Gold Card. There are no changes in the above steps so, it is certain that they have to be followed to be a credit card holder.
Benefits/ Advantages after Getting This Credit Card:
No ne just apply for anything. He/ she always give a look over the benefits given by the certain product or company. In the same way Kotak Mahindra Trump Gold Card also avail their clients with some benefits which are the main source of attraction:
  • They offer 10% cash return across all the restaurants.
  • Even the10% return on movies.
  • The most surprising thing is that they offer cash back upto 10% on foods and drinks.
These all benefits are available for whole one year. Along with this there are different offers which are provided time to time with these credit cards. Kotak Mahindra Trump Gold Card offers these advantages according to the need like on any festive season or any other.
Interest rates:
While using Kotak Mahindra Trump Gold Card there are some charges which are applied by Kotak Mahindra Bank for their customers.
  • Customer is charged with Rs.149 on every card.
  • There is no joining fee applicable on the cards.
  • Kotak Mahindra does not apply any interest on cash withdrawals.
  • They charge upto 2.5% in the form of flat fees.
Above is the rate which is necessary to be paid. But the most interesting thing is that they do not charge any rate in the starting 6 months. After that one has to pay Rs.500 as processing fee.
Late fee:
During late payment one is charged with the fine of Rs.300 to Rs.600. 2.5% is the charge on over limit amounts. Even they charge if the cheque of any respective person gets bounced. This amount can be upto Rs.300.
Apply online:
For the Kotak Mahindra Trump Gold Card one can also apply online. One can do this by following the link:


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