Citi Cash Reward Credit Card---
Description: CITI Bank is providing credit cards for all the various needs and this time, the credit card Citi Cash Reward Credit Card is for getting reward points from shopping and people also talking well about it on Best Credit Cards in India.
There is one more credit card through which people may enjoy reward points through shopping or booking tickets. The credit card is delivered to them by CITI Bank and the name of this credit card is Citi Cash Reward Credit Card. This credit card comes with various features through which people may enjoy various reward points. Now, shopping and booking tickets through this credit card goes easier for them. Generally, this credit card is also used for other purposes but this is mainly for the reward points only. People, who are using this credit card, are also talking well about this credit card on Best Credit Cards in India.
  How to apply for the Citi Cash Reward Credit Card:
There are various steps through which a person may apply for getting this credit card. These steps are:
1.       A person may visit the branch of CITI Bank which is nearest to him and may apply for the credit card through filling an application form.
Documents Required:
He must carry all kinds of documents which are required for the purpose like PAN Card/driving license and residential proof.
Eligibility Criteria:
There are certain things which should be kept in mind before applying for Citi Cash Reward Credit Card. They are:
  • The applicant must be habitant of India.
  • The age must be between 21 to 65 years. But for those for salaried person, it gets reduced and come upto 60 years. But is same for those of self- employed customers.
  • Applicant must have all the necessary documents like that of Salary slip, and other documents which are important to be submitted.
Advantages/ Benefits associated with the credit card:
Citi Cash Reward Credit Card with various features for the ease of customers. They are:
  • Customers are awarded with some reward points.
  • In spending every Rs.125/-, one will be rewarded with one point.
  • If the customer uses the card on the restaurants or shopping outlets of company’s partners companies, then they will be getting 5 times bonus point as compared to the original one.
  • If the customer is having Citi Cash Reward Credit Card then they will be getting Loan facility.
  • Company also allows internet banking so that the customers remain updated with all the necessary information related to their cards or bank. 
Interest Charges
Company also charges some interest rates on using their Citi Cash Reward Credit Card. The applicable charges are:
  • In the starting first year of issuing card, the customer will be charged 2.5% per month.
  • Customers are charged with 3.5% rate in case of any default per month.
Late fees
On using Citi Cash Reward Credit Card one is also charged with late fees. Company charge 2% as an advance amount/ and for those of international ATMs, they charge US$7.5.


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