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Description: There are various credit cards that are issued from CITI bank including the Citibank Platinum Credit Card. the card is having numerous features and customers are commenting well about it on Best Credit Cards in India.

CITI Bank is also the prominent private sector bank which is working in different parts of the world. It is also having large number of customers who are getting satisfaction through the services which it is providing. The bank is leading its services with the modern technology and also helping the people to get the latest facilities. It is also providing credit cards to the customers of different types which are important for all kinds of transactions and for all the shopping purposes. Among this section, one credit card is Citibank Platinum Credit Card. This credit card is having large number of facilities and those customers who are feeling satisfied are commenting well about it on Best Credit Cards in India.

How to apply for the Citibank Platinum Credit Card:
A person is having multiple of options through which he may apply for this credit cards:
1.                              He may visit the nearest branch of CITI Bank and may apply for the credit cards through filling an application form.
Documents Required:
He must have to provide all the documents that are required for this purpose as like PAN Card/Driving license, residential proof and others.  

Eligibility Criteria:
If a person is applying for the Citibank Platinum Credit Card he must have to fulfill certain things as:
  1. He must be the resident of India.
  2. He must have the age group between 21 years to 65 years for self employed and 21 years to 60 years in case of a salaried person.
  3. He must have all his valid documents like Salary slip, Income Tax returns, Form 16 and other relevant documents.
If a person is having all the things that are stated above, then he may apply for the Citibank Platinum Credit Card.

Advantages/Benefits associated with the credit card: 
 There are various features that are associated with Citibank Platinum Credit Card. These benefits are listed below:
  1. There are various rewards that a person may get with this credit card.
  2. A person may get one reward points after spending Rs.125 every time.
  3. If a person eats in the partner restaurants or shopping outlets, he will get 5 times reward points than the actual reward points.
  4.  He may get Loan on Phone facility if he is having the Citibank Platinum Credit Card.
  5. He may also avail the facility of internet banking through which he can get informed all the times about the things through which he has to visit the bank.

Interest Charges:
There are various interest charges are also chargeable from the people who are using this Citibank Platinum Credit Card. This list of charges is listed below:
  1. Joining fees and annual fees are to be communicated to the customers at the time of getting the card.
  2.  Interest charges that are applicable on every transaction are 3.25 percent on monthly basis or 39.0 percent on annual basis. It depends on the periodically expenses that are utilized through credit card.  
  3. Cash Advance fees will be 2 percent of the total amount or maximum to Rs.300.
  4. Over Credit Limit Charges will be 2.5 percent or maximum of Rs.500.
  5. 2.5 percent Rs.10 will be charged as the petrol surcharges. If a person is filling petrol through Indian Oil Petrol Pump, then he may get the surcharges waived off if filling petrol through Citibank Platinum Credit Card.

Late Fees:
There are late fees which are to be charged from a person if he spends amount more than his credit limit and if he had not pay back the payment to bank on time. If the amount is due up to the amount of Rs.10000, then Rs.300 will be charged as fine. If the amount exceeds to Rs.25000 from Rs.10000, then fine will increased to Rs.600. If the amount exceeds the amount of Rs.25000, then fine will be charged as Rs.700 from his Citibank Platinum Credit Card.


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