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Description: HDFC is the largest financial institution in the world that is providing credit cards like HDFC Premium Travel Superia Credit Card which is beneficial and people like its feedbacks on Best Credit Cards in India.

HDFC Bank is the bank which is prominently looking forward to provide certain kinds of services to its customers in a great manner and it is also trying to improve its service quality as the changes are coming in technologies. It is providing credit cards for all those purposes for which a person needs it. Hence, here is a section of credit card, HDFC Premium Travel Superia Credit Card which is providing good services and it is also receiving good round of comments from customers at the website, Best Credit Cards in India.

How to apply for this credit card:
A person is having certain procedures through which it is possible for him to get the HDFC Premium Travel Superia Credit Card:
  • A person must visit the nearest HDFC Branch and must get the application form which is required for getting this credit card.
Documents Required:
He also has to provide the relevant documents that are necessary for getting the HDFC Premium Travel Superia Credit Card as salary slip, Pan Card, residential proof etc.

Eligibility Criteria:
For a person who wants to get this credit card facility must have to be eligible for it as:
·         He must have attained the age of 21 years and not more than 60 years in case of salaried employee and 65 years in case of self employed person.
·         His salary slips and other documents to prove his identity are also required by the bank.

If the person is having all these necessary documents with him, he can easily go to the bank and can apply for the HDFC Premium Travel Superia Credit Card.

Benefits/Advantages of getting the credit card:
There are various facilities that come along with this HDFC Premium Travel Superia Credit Card:
·         The customer is liable to get the welcome benefit of 3000 reward points and 2000 renewal points as he gets the credit card.
·         One may also get facility to travel through various airlines and can get membership facility by applying for it as well. The facility is available for a person in international and national tips.
·         One may also earn 50 percent of reward points on dining through HDFC Premium Travel Superia Credit Card on dining in partner outlets.
·         He can also enjoy complimentary priority pass membership through which he can enjoy at various airport lounges.
·         Fuel surcharges are also waived by filling petrol from Rs.400 to Rs.5000 on all the petrol pumps.

Interest Rates those are applicable to the card:
There are large numbers of interest rates that are applicable through the use of HDFC Premium Travel Superia Credit Card:
  • Free interest period ranges up to 50 days from the issuing of credit card.
  • A person has to pay Rs.1799 as the joining fees to get the HDFC Premium Travel Superia Credit Card. However, a person may get no annual subscription if he pays Rs.30000 within 90 days after getting the card.
  • A person may also get his annual membership fees waived if he shops for Rs.150000 in the same year.
  • Additional card is free for lifetime.
  • Service taxes are applicable to all fees, other expenses and interest rates.
  • Reissue of card costs to Rs.100.

Late Fees:
A person also has to pay the late fees which are applicable to a person in the manner as:
  • If a person is having late fees of not more than Rs.100, he is waived from late fees.
  • If the late fees on HDFC Premium Travel Superia Credit Card go to Rs.500, the amount of Rs.100 is charged.
  • If it then exceeds to Rs.5000, then late fees of Rs.400 is chargeable.
  • If the payment goes to Rs.20000, then late fees will be Rs.500.
  • If it also exceeds the maximum amount of Rs.20000, then it will be Rs.700 as Late fees.

Apply Online:
A person may also apply for HDFC Premium Travel Superia Credit Card online as following the link:


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