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Description: There is one more bank, Citi Bank which is providing credikt cards and among that section, one card is Jet Airways CitiBusiness Credit Card which is getting good comments from its users of Best Credit Cards in India.

As the private banks are moving a step ahead than the nationalized banks in providing facilities to their customers, they are inventing new ideas so that they may allow people to have a safe banking and also get convenience in all the aspects. As the credit cards are the need fro the people of today, they are issuing by most of the banks to their customers. Citi Bank is also issuing credit cards to the customers like Jet Airways CitiBusiness Credit Card. It is providing long range of facilities to its users and they are feeling satisfied and this is the reason why they are commenting well about the credit cards on Best Credit Cards in India.

How to apply for the Jet Airways CitiBusiness Credit Card:
The process for getting this credit card is very simple and a person may get it through simple steps:
  • He has to visit the branch of Citi bank and may apply for the credit card through filling the application form.
Documents Required:
He must also carry all the documents that are necessary for the purpose, like identity proof/ Pan Card, Address Proof and related documents as well.

Eligibility Criteria:
There are some circumstances that a person must have to fulfill to get the Jet Airways CitiBusiness Credit Card. These are:
·         He must be having age limit between 21 years and 65 years in case of a self employed person and 21 years to 60 years in case of a salaried person.
·         If he is a salaried person, then he must have pay slip of any of the organization where he is working and also the ITRs and form 16.
·         If he is a self employed person then he must have Income Tax Returns, other documents like other bank’s card and others.

If a person owes all these things to him, he is eligible to get the Jet Airways CitiBusiness Credit Card.

Advantages/Benefits for the people with this credit cards:
There are various advantages and facilities that are attached to the Jet Airways CitiBusiness Credit Card. A person may get it as:
  • A customer may earn 2 JP Miles for spent of every Rs.100.
  • If a person is booking through the official website of Jet Airways, he may earn double points.
  • One may also get 100 JP Miles on first usage of the credit card every year.
  •  Higher credit limits of Rs.1000000 is also available on Jet Airways CitiBusiness Credit Card for personal or commercial purposes.
  • Free access to lounges at domestic or international airports is also possible for a person.
  • Complimentary upgrade of 1000 JP Miles is also available while using this card.

Interest Rates:
Several interest rates are also chargeable to a person while he is using the Jet Airways CitiBusiness Credit Card. The list of interest rates is mentioned below:
  • There will be no joining fees for the people who are joining to get this credit card. Annual fees and renewal fees are also exempted from the list.
  • Free interest period will also be longer than any other bank’s credit card, which is on 55 days.
  • The fuel surcharges are waived on all the petrol pumps o Indian Oil Corporation petrol pumps across the country.
  • There will be no adding on charges on the Jet Airways CitiBusiness Credit Card.
  • Cash withdrawal charges are 2 percent or Rs.300 on the total amount.
  • Over limit penalty is 2.5 percent or Rs.500 whichever is minimum.
  • Interest rate will be 3.15 percent on this card.

Late Fees:
A person also has to pay late fine on the account balance while he is using the Jet Airways CitiBusiness Credit Card. the late fees of Rs.300 to Rs.700 will be charged on different levels as the credit of a person exceeds. There is no limit for lower amount as directed by the bank.

Apply online:
There is a source through which a person may apply for the Jet Airways CitiBusiness Credit Card online. It is done by following the link:


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