Kotak Mahindra Corporate Card---7

Description: Kotak Mahindra also launches the corporate card naming Kotak Mahindra Corporate Card so that the people who are having any commercial purpose may use it. People are also getting good comments about it on Best Credit Cards in India .

Kotak Mahindra Bank is the bank which is offering credit cards for different purposes. In this context, it is offering credit cards for entertainment and for shopping. There are distinguished credit cards for all the purpose and it is also offering credit cards for commercial purposes as Kotak Mahindra Corporate Card. This card is for those who are relating the corporate world and are having large number of other engagements and other certain spending. There are large numbers of facilities available for a person on it and they can enjoy these facilities on the credit card. Most of the people are also getting good comments about it on Best Credit Cards in India .

How to apply for this credit card:
There are very few and certain steps through which a person may apply for the Kotak Mahindra Corporate Card:
  • These cards are available with numerous branches of Kotak Mahindra and a person may visit his nearest branch to fill up the application form for this purpose. 
Documents Required:
  • They also have to carry certain documents like the company in which they are working and residential proof, their identification proof and others.

Eligibility Criteria:
It is obvious that as it is the Kotak Mahindra Corporate Card, only those people are eligible for it who are:
·         Having an age more than 21 years and less than 65 years for getting this card.
·         Cardholder must have the regular source of income with him along with the other documents like salary slips, income tax return documents and others.

Advantages/Benefits that cardholder may receive:
There are various facilities that are available for the cardholder while he is using the Kotak Mahindra Corporate Card:
·         They can get a statement of all their spending and their account details. This is the continent way to check the balance and also know the expenses occurred.
·         He can get the SMS alerts from the Bank regarding his credit over limit and other things. In the same way, he can also send SMS on the number so that he can come to know about the account balance and to answer his query. 
·         A card holder of Kotak Mahindra Corporate Card may also et free card replacement if he lost his card.
·         One can do transactions and that is also in a safe manner.

Interest Charges:
There are various interest charges which are applicable to the Kotak Mahindra Corporate Card:
·         Joining fees are nil for the cardholder. In this sense, all the annual fees and renewal fees are also exempted.
·          Cheque and ECS return charges are Rs.500.
·         Fuel surcharges are also waived to those customers who are using it for filling petrol of higher amount.
·         There are no charges on checking balance at Non Kotak Banks.
·         Interest and service taxes are also made on the things that a person purchases or services which he uses.

Late Fees:
Late payment charges on Kotak Mahindra Corporate Card are common for all the people and at all the times at Rs.550.


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