HSBC Premier World MasterCard 10

HSBC Premier World MasterCard

HSBC bank offers its customers a beneficial HSBC Premier World MasterCard. Now, Best Credit cards in India comes with all the information about HSBC Premier World MasterCard and its added advantages.

HSBC Premier World MasterCard is available with advantages that every client may use. Especially for the voyagers, there is no foreign transaction fee, no over limit and no current spending limit fees applicable. Moreover, you will get access to a premier RM, global support and exclusive service. Besides, this card review by Best Credit cards in India declares that most of the people are taking this card to fulfil their commercial needs to buy various products as well as access to great services.

How to apply for a HSBC Premier World MasterCard

If you want to apply for this card then you need to follow certain points such as –

Ø  First, you need to visit its official website and then download the application form.
Ø  Now fill the application form with required information such as your name, date of birth, PAN no, email ID, income details and mobile number.
Ø  You should have your salary slip or at least 90 days bank statements.
Ø   Pan card, residence proof and your ID proof.

Now, you need to visit the nearest bank branch of HSBC to apply for HSBC Premier World MasterCard along with application form and required documents. After the complete verification of your documents, you will be given the card.

Eligibility Criteria for HSBC Premier World MasterCard

The eligibility criteria for this card are stated below.

Ø  Applicant should be at least of 18 years old.
Ø  Applicant’s annual income limit should be at least INR 400,000.

Added benefits and services that you can get from HSBC Premier World MasterCard

Ø  For travel , no need of foreign transaction charge
Ø  Travellers get master rental automatic rental insurance coverage.
Ø  Travellers get luggage delay coverage.
Ø  Benefit of journey cancellation insurance.
Ø  Benefit of coverage of price protection.
Ø  Benefit of extended warranty.
Ø  Benefit of annual statement summary.

Late fee charges

Ø  The annual percentage rate is only 9%.
Ø  Bank charges INR 3,500
Ø  No annual fee required.

Information about extended credit limit

Customer can request to HSBC for extending their credit limit. Bank will demand your income related documents. After checking your income documents, bank might increase your credit limit. If you want to extend your credit limit then you need to use the card at least for six month with paid bills.

Transaction fee for HSBC Premier World MasterCard

Ø  Premier card member are needed to pay the charges as well as the yearly membership subscription fee if required. Fees amount is depend on the plan, which are necessary for getting the credit card.
Ø  For getting cash advance, you need to pay a particular transaction charge from the card account. Apart from that, the finance fee is deducted from your credit card until the outstanding amount is cleared.


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